Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On doves & peace & kindness...

In this McCoy Pot sits a vintage spun cotton dove.  It rests on a metal lamp holder given with kindness by my friend, Nan, from her mother's estate.  It is a simple statement of peace & hope.

On my wish list for our world is that people would be nice, that they would reserve blame & offer kindness.  That we each would set our bar high & hold our own self accountable.  That we would remember that gentleness is a worthy attribute, as is compassion & empathy. 

Last night my son, Ian, stopped by to meet the kittens.  We ran together through a down pour of rain to get to the barn.  Wet, side by side... it was pure joy on his face as I lifted Pumpkin up from the nesting box.  He wondered if Hope, the mom cat, would be O.K. if he held the kitten.  He had stopped on an almost 3 hour journey to his summer job to meet these kittens --- with pride I watched this kind 22 year old hold little Chippewa, rain pouring off the tin roof just outside the door.  And in that moment...all was at peace, all was right in my world.

So - to remind me of this spirit of peace, I think of doves.  I remember a visitor arriving at my roof...tired from a journey, resting for hours in the shade.  No matter if it was a pigeon or a dove -- it was white & beautiful and a gift when I needed it.

And on a table I keep this basket of a candy jar.  Take two -- pass one on..."peace".

In what recent moment did you feel at peace, that all was right in your world?


Diane said...

Kari- I am so glad to find your blog. Yours is the first and last booths I visit at the Schoolhouse Antiques. I have one of your white plaster doves, she now lives in my vintage bird cage complete with a nest and egg shaped rock.I have used many of your creative ideas as inspiration. My small bushel baskets of croquet balls started with a few purchased in your booth. I can't wait for your barn sale. Diane = Stratford, WI

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Welcome, Diane...thanks for visiting and such kind words. And that dove, remember her well.

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