Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have a seat!

Not only did signs arrive at our farm last summer -- but so did "new" kitchen chairs.  Again -- amazing work by an amazing artist in our neighboring state, Minnesota.  We shared our farm story - from barn swallows to apple pies to daisies -- and she rendered them all with extra charm on these four chairs. 


Artful Gathering said...

Hi there Kari,
I found your "follow me" blog notice at the Hixton Antique Mall today. I just love your shop and frequent it about weekly. You have the coolest stuff!
I live between Hixton and Osseo on May Coulee Rd. So if your ever around and want to stop in and see what I do with your stuff give me a holler.... I'd love to meet you.
I can see by your blog I am going to enjoy following you on it. Almost As much as I enjoy shopping at Your spaces in the mall!
blessings, Dawn

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Well, Dawn...what a nice surprise & message. I always think it is fun to hear how these treasures are used in people's homes & lives. What has been your favorite find?

Artful Gathering said...

Kari, I just love the black and white saddle shoes I bought a week ago or so. Not sure what I will do with them yet. I also bought a small basket and a few of the old school flash cards. I was there today and am going back next Monday. I asked the clerk a few weeks ago when you restocked and she said on Sunday so I try to go on Monday or Tuesday to see what's new.
Also awhile ago when you were on the other side of the mall I purchased a bunch of scrabble tiles. Scrabble is my favorite game and I use the tiles in decorating and in my scrapbooking and card making. Keep the cool stuff coming....
my blog is dawn-pine-ridge.blogspot.com

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