Monday, August 17, 2020

Life is good

On Thursday, my Emma arrived. She was here to help with overgrown gardens and to fill my heart with wedding chatter. We survived a lightning strike to the farm on Friday night that was only mitigated because our strong farmhouse & breaker box took the brunt of the hit, protecting us all. On Saturday, my Ian arrived...tired from good work at his new job in Milwaukee, thankful that I94 was all it took to bring him home. On Sunday, we walked The Condensery, taking in all the checklists that would need to be completed...yet relishing the thought of this lovely wedding & reception that was awaiting us in October. Sunday, my Dave and I attended a bridal shower at a neighbor's dairy farm, enjoying the kindness of folks just down the road and the excitement of their approaching event. And now I lay with my Lucy cat on my shoulder, taking a moment to catch up on my friend's weekends as I "like" my way thru FaceBook, often smiling. Life is good!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020

that guy, right there...

That is my pride & joy, my Ian!
I am certain you know that feeling too.
Knowing that you are part of creating something so good.

He took FMLA to fly home from Washington and be 
with me for over two weeks.  He helped me 
with my health needs, brought such joy to my days and helped 
Dave with farm projects.

When he told me he was coming home, as a mom, I said, "no".
He sent me a copy of his plane ticket.

That guy, right of my life!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

got this thing for chickens

If you were to count your way through our house,
I am quite certain you would find several flocks of chickens.

They work hard to keep rugs from slipping, doors ajar,
and "cute up" little spots here & there.

However, outside, the closest you will come to a chicken is 
the rooster who crows to the dawn at our neighbor's farm.

Got this thing for inside chickens, I guess.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

birthday month

June has always been the birthday month for me.
I have many family members & friends that celebrate a birthday in June.
My birthday & Dave's birthday are in June.
Years ago, before we had the ease of Facebook reminding us of birthdays,
I kept a very organized monthly card keeper.  I kept Hallmark financially 
stable during those years, and June was always my big investment month!

So if you have a birthday in June, you are in pretty good company!

It is the birthday month for me.


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Daisy, Daisy

Give me your answer, do.
I'm half crazy, all for the love of you...

💙Our sweet Daisy Grace💙

Monday, May 18, 2020

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


That's Charlie...the brown & white goat with my friend
Jani & me.  As you can see, he is very social.
Tonight was a very sad night as Charlie had taken 
a serious fall on legs already riddled with severe
arthritis.  A 10 p.m. call to a farm vet is never what
one wants to do....but a beloved animal suffering
is also not responsible.

Dave is especially missing this sweet goat boy, as 
he had been working hard to take care of him...
even providing baby aspirin to help.

May his sweet memory be for a blessing.
Good bye sweet boy.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Well, that was fun!

When I first took the plunge into buying & selling 
antiques & vintage finds, we were living in 
Sun Prairie.  I sold in Madison, Columbus and Waterloo.
I learned quickly to include the Hixton
Schoolhouse Antique Mall on my buying route.

When we moved to our farm in 2007, I was 
tickled that we lived just 20 minutes from this 
favorite mall.  It was a place that you could
just get lost in, not fancy, just fun.
And I did just that, browsing the aisles 
frequently enough for THEM to inquire
if I might like to rent a booth.
And I did!
My first booth soon became my very
own little room.
And, boy did I have fun with that!

But, the years have changed the market a bit.
More folks interested in repro, more folks
looking to haggle lower than most 
dealers can justify.  And you still
have to bring in stock, and keep the
interest going thru display, social media,
etc.  Dave & I began to question over 
the past few years if it wasn't perhaps
our time to exit this business.

Now...for every negative I may have felt in
the past few years, there have also been an
UNBALANCED 100 times the goodness:
*Wonderful customers that I have gotten to know.
*Kind, kind people who share their love for vintage.
*People who have lifted me thru health struggles.
*And, of course the hunt for that next find!

But, my current health has ultimately 
provided the tipping point....because a 
booth is not going to just run itself!😬

Today, my little booth at Hixton will be unloaded, 
and remaining stock will travel to an antique
store that is creative and lovely and full of all
that is needed to inspire.  And I like that!


I recognize that I may not have known you if not for 
my booth at Hixton, my Barn Sales, 
or maybe even this 
little old blog (which will still be around).

And, it has been fun!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A new year, a new door

Many of you know that I have been immersed in health issues.
I typically am just an "annual doctor appointment" kind of gal...
but when I do get sick - boom, I go big!

Starting in November, two health tracks emerged.

One was work related, hurting my lower back while providing
books & more books at 12 events I hosted across the Chippewa Valley
at libraries and 4K classrooms during November.
For anyone experiencing back pain, it is quite debilitating.

My second track began as a persistent cough this past fall, ultimately 
diagnosed as a very large mass in my left lung.
After weeks of scanning, poking, and trying to finalize a plan of action,
my lung collapsed, sending me on a wild ambulance ride through
a Wisconsin snowstorm. The plan had been to have medflight with a 
Thoracic Surgeon on board meet the ambulance along I94 for an 
Emergency procedure. I was fortunate that the Emergency Room
at Mayo in Osseo were able to stabilize me enough to transport me
all the way to the Emergency Room in Eau Claire without the 
drama of a medflight rendezvous.  
I ended up in the hospital for 11 days, and was deemed
strong enough for lung surgery while there. I arrived home 
on Christmas Eve.

I will meet with my Oncologist & Spine Specialist to set a continued
plan for recovery later this week.  Of course, this wasn't my plan
for 2020...but I will walk thru this door with courage.

Over these recent weeks & days, I have felt the lift of
kindness, care, and such sometimes feels
overwhelming.  From my son hopping a plane to fly home from 
Seattle as soon as he found out I was heading to Eau Claire in an ambulance,
to Dave...taking care of this entire farm & me without complaint,
to my big sis, Randi, literally lifting stress off of my shoulders
with her generosity, to countless family, friends & neighbors
stepping forward...the kindness has moved me.

We do not know our path. But, with love & support, we can walk
through any door. 

P.S. I have not been to the barn or pasture to greet my goats 
& barncats in almost a month. That is one of my next goals.
Missing that old barn door.


Saturday, December 28, 2019


Snuggle-licious Daisy Grace

Friday, December 6, 2019

celebrate winter

I know, I know...when you get 8 inches of snow way too early in November, 
when treacherous ice paths lay in wait, when it is just too cold
too soon - what is there to celebrate?  Really!

Well, I am trying to embrace the stay put, tuck in, slow down-ness
of winter.  With two health issues looming large in
my life right now...I do need a rather forced hibernation.

So, I will take it, do that, slow way down, & be still.

(And maybe Pinterest a bit)
❄️my Pinterest link is to the right❄️

Sunday, November 3, 2019

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