Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boo to you!

Living on a farm has ended the days of trick or treaters....
(I know the advantage of all the potential treats on a city street).
However, I still enjoy decorating our house all boo-tiful!

           Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 25, 2013

a bowl full of autumn

With a mere walk through my living room,
I found five bowls filled with Fall.

I adore little collections all fancied up in an ironstone bowl or compote.
With a sweet calling card tucked in for good measure!

The golden walnut is an antique sewing kit.

Love the two transferware bird salt dishes on top.

Excuse me, vintage dominoes just call out to Autumn decorating!

Ironstone saucer filled with cards.....sweet black cat card from Judy!
Compote with a clock, vintage lace and sweet rolls of thread.

I just relish making these mini-alters to this exquisite season!

How about you, having fun with Autumn decorating?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

today I write thank you notes

How touched can I be by such kindness?

Of course, Dave just loves this gift!

From my sweet Jani, Nan & Sarah (aka The Barn Cats)...
Box filled to the rim with thoughtful goodness.  

Little girl from Sarah at my office...such joy.

Handmade pun-kin guy from Marie, (aka Old Lady Morgan).

Gorgeous hand crocheted lap blanket in Autumn colors left at my 
Office by a teacher I work with.....Deb, it is beautiful!

A sweet bluebird salt gifted to me at the Barn Sale by Judy.

A charming kaleidoscope left on my porch by sweet Jeannine from Chicago.

An orchid from my kind friends at Satellite in Madison.

A pink rose left at the hospital by my college roommate, Darlene.

Just a bouquet of all the most recent thoughtful gifts.
And that doesn't include all the emails and cards or gifts received earlier in this journey.

I cannot say enough times that although illness brings such worry & change....
it also brings forth such rich blessings.  What I have learned from my friends, from past & present coworkers, from neighbors near & far, from my Kindergarten friends to my college roommate, from my first co-teacher,  to my sisters....both in blood & spirit, is that I am so lucky, so lucky.

Each day I feel better.  Each day I feel stronger.  You lift me up.

And today I write thank you notes.

All my love,  Kari

Sunday, October 20, 2013

going pink

If you have followed along with my story, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July.  I have had three surgeries: two unsuccessful lumpectomies this summer and a successful mastectomy this past Thursday.  My pathology report Friday night finally came back cancer-free, my lymph nodes are clear.
I can now focus on recovery.

Through this unexpected journey, I have actually found so many blessings.  I have met such brave women who are living through & with breast brave.  The statistics are significant, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  The earlier the diagnosis, the better.  I can say that I listened to my body...although I did not find a lump, I had been experiencing general fatigue and a bloody discharge.  The medical team that stepped in after I called the warning signal, were nothing less than stoic & strong.  When my doctor finally called with the positive news Friday night, I could hear the relief in his voice too.  I am now, officially, a breast cancer survivor.

Our local Eau Claire, Wisconsin, paper came out in pink yesterday as this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I understand my surgery was actually on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  My message on a personal note is the same:  Early Detection Matters!

Finally I need to share the true blessings that have filled my life during these past is the generosity and kindness of family & friends.  Some that I have known for years, some that I may only have recently met.  I have felt such love & care, such love & care.....and that has been the silver lining in all of this.  

Going pink ~~~ I will now wear that color with pride.  It represents courage.  It also represents compassion beyond measure.  I will be forever thankful.

Friday, October 18, 2013


all went well....arrived home from the hospital at noon today.

Will be laying low for the next few weeks.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts, prayers & wishes!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn Blessings ~ indeed

My heartfelt thanks............
To each of you that ventured out this weekend for our Barn Sale.
To each of you that provided words & gifts of support & care.
To each of you that drove miles & miles to be here.
To each of you that waited to get in & then get out Saturday morning.
To each of you that never cease to surprise me with your generosity and love.

You lift me up on Autumn wings!

And I thank you.
Do check out Lisa's great blog, MaryJanes and Galoshes, for a wrap up & pictures from our Barn Sale....and get the dates for her upcoming vintage sale(s) in Dalton, Wisconsin -- first one is on November 9!    MaryJanes and Galoshes

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

sales galore

Not only will this beautiful upcoming weekend, October 12 & 13, 2013
be the Meadowview Farm Barn Sale......but it will also be a weekend of 
Sales Galore!

Here are a few "sale seeds" to plant in your mind!

1.  Barn Sale...find your super secret password to 10% off from 9-2 on Saturday in a post below.

2.  Or arrive after 2:00 on Saturday, Oct. 12, for 20% off!

3.  Or how about 30% off from 12-5 Sunday, Oct. 13?

4.  Of course every little detail is to the right under "Chapters"- Barn Sale!

5.  And, please find me at the Barn Sale (I will be wearing a green apron) for a special "Friend of Meadowview Farm" membership card that will always entitle you to 20% savings on any item(s) from my "SPY" booth and/or case at the Hixton Antique Mall.  These can only be given to you by special gift to you as a thank you for your support!  

6.  If this was all not enough sales, I have kicked off a "clean out the Hixton Antique Mall Booth" -- Dealer "SPY" major megaroonie sale........50% off!

7.  And to grease the wheel---Hixton will have their flea market this coming weekend too........for more about Hixton---head over to the right under "Chapters".

8.  Finally, if you should see a piece of furniture in my booth or at the Barn Sale with a price over $100 or noted as "Display" and you are interested in it.......I will consider a reasonable offer.  The mall has my number.

9.  All proceeds from this year's sales will go toward my medical expenses.

10.  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!  
                    Kari from Meadowview Farm

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Barn Sale 2013

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

The count down begins to October 12 & 13!

All you need to know in prior posts, or to the right!

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