Monday, February 27, 2012

Come on March....

"In like a lion", I suspect.....snow, drizzle, wind, rain. 
But that means "out like a lamb" -- right?

Here comes March, just around the corner from February.
Filled with shamrocks & Good Luck.

most adorable dog & shamrock teapot

Bingo balls in a green compote

1908 beaded Good Luck horseshoe

Come on March, bring it on....we are ready.

Friday, February 24, 2012

rumor has it...

Nothing fancy, but to say...that word is our little old Meadowview Barn Sale is mentioned in the pages of the Spring/Summer edition of Flea Market Style Magazine! We thank Terri from Madison for the heads-up email. We have yet to find a copy in the Eau Claire area....and Dave & I sure tried this afternoon. Anyway, you just know I will keep you posted, feel like a very proud mom right now. To find out the details of our sale...hop over to "Barn Sales" under Chapters to the right. So, anyone out there able to share more?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Snow on the forecast...but can you still feel it?
Spring is waiting right around the corner.

We are almost at the "it won't last" part of winter....

What do you do to make the wait O.K.?

Monday, February 20, 2012

been busy

Here is my last week in pictures....
                    definitely have the spring decorating bug.

New sink skirt from a tablecloth & gingham towel.

New shower curtain...T.J. Maxx.

New (vintage) rug from a recent antique adventure.

Been busy, how about you?


Friday, February 17, 2012

just a little thanks...

Oh this is a happy day indeed...woke early 'cause I'm off today & we are going on an antiquing adventure. Over coffee, checked out my favorite blogs, and there it name in lights, well sort of, I had won a copy of "Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead"! Oh Yea! The link to Matthew's blog is over yonder in the right column. Oh thank you! Isn't it fun to win?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

big sis

Today is my sister, Randi's birthday.
In March, my sister, Lori, celebrates hers.
They are my big sisters.
And lucky am I.

If you have sisters,
you know that they are indeed the cat's meow, the ties that bind,
the cup that overflows...through better & worse.

Three Wind girls
In our little house on Healy Lane.
Growing up to be strong, independent women.
Just as mom & dad would have hoped.

If I need them, they are there.
My sisters

P.S.  Not to be too mushy...'tis for you too.
You know it is as it should be.
Love to my girls...
Happy Birthday.

(Just think, we could have been Faith, Hope & Charity.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome & Congratulations!

every little night,
as I come home dragin' from a long day,
this is the face that greets me first

at the barn door he waits with what appears
to be open little kitty arms and a hearty,
"Welcome & Congratulations"

he rolls with wild abandon on the concrete barn floor,
happy to be a poofy barn cat named Cinnamon

well he must remember the days when he was relinquished to
life living in a hollow log across from the house, back when
his brother, Marmalade, was king of the barn

but now it is is he, this fluffy 13 pound boy that greets me

often with burs sticking to his fur like jewels he is there

his little kitty cup overflows....and then some

for me, it is this life I relish and admire
this is what I run home to

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Here's my heart SALE...

No keeping this a secret...
I'm offering a
25% off sale
in my booth & case at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall thru February 18.

Always like to express my appreciation to loyal customers at this time of year with a special sale.
Had a great day at the mall on Saturday--
my thanks to the folks who stopped by and did some serious sale shopping.
Spent several hours rebooting at the end of the day.

For all the details on on "Vintage Finds" under "Chapters" to the right.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

bits of heart & there

So glad February has arrived.  Be gone with you January...on to
the joy of hearts & groundhogs & dreaming of warm days.

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