Tuesday, May 31, 2011

just a little secret...

tucked away
that is where they are.
(up in the hayloft - with all the Barn Sale boxes)

three new little kittens
Hope's spring litter

Introducing:  Winter, Spring & Summer
just a little secret...
sweet one at that

P.S. This is no secret --
 we will not be opening this summer for an "in between" Barn Sale,
just too much gathering to do.

Our next Barn Sale will be October 8 & 9.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I will never ever forget certain things: 
  • The little slip of paper my father folded & refolded in the hospital table drawer-- a slip I would later find with our phone numbers on it...waiting patiently for a visit or a call.
  • My mother calling across the nursing home table, "there's my Kari" when I arrived.  Always welcoming me home - no matter where home might be.
These are etched in my mind for forever...and I do remember embracing those moments, capturing & seizing those instances, knowing time is fleeting.  I remember saying to myself "remember this, remember this."

So now, I fold & refold my memories and call out to my heart's deepest deepest places --- because that is what we do on this weekend.  Yes, we may have an extra day off, and yes, we may have time for that first summer fishing trip or flea market....but we also have a bit more time to stop & remember.   I will.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recycling Center - Vintage with a Purpose #6

A hamper for a recycling center.
Just large enough to hold a waste & recycling bin.
Just sweet enough to work in our kitchen.
Just green enough to be perfect in my little world.

Yes, it really is a hard worker.
Keeps it all neat & tidy & out of sight.
Large enough to also store all our extra store bags for re-use.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Recent finds...

Spice Boxes...painted green, all the better.
{love the little tags on each drawer}

Pie Birds & Crescent Spice Boxes.
{blue & a sliver of a moon - charm on a box}

Enamelware Pitchers - staple of mine & colanders.
{sweet, farm house sweet}

Children's dish sets.
{Oh my -- such adorable pictures}

What have you found recently?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relaxing, Reflecting...

Here are some of the "stars" of the Spring Barn Sale.
Official greeters and goodies.

Vintage farm finds.

Me (in middle) & the "Barn Cats" (Nan & Sarah).
My fabulous friends and support!!

Missing Jani this sale.

Wonderful shoppers.
My thanks to each of you!

Lots & Lots of vintage finds!

Trucks & Jars & Signs...

Vintage Store Price Tags...

Even a sweet surprise or two.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing Spring Sale.
Now to start reloading for October!

*P.S. We may open mid summer -- around the July 4th weekend.
Check back for details.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Cup Overflows...

Pardon me as I make my list -
the list of all the blessings I feel at this moment.
You see, the weather may not have been great --
but to all of you that brought your warmth & energy to
the Spring Barn Sale -- my sincerest thanks.

I will post pictures soon -- but for now...

My loving thanks to:
  • Dave -- you always have my back -- just do.
  • Sarah & Nan -- there, without the need for fanfare - working at my side -- there.
Were you there?
What was your favorite find?

P.S. the next Barn Sale is October 8 & 9...
And....Jani we missed you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Picking Daisies"

Not quite a daisy...but close enough in my world.

"Picking Daisies" 
those are the words to share at check-out for 10% off from 9-2
at the
Barn Sale on Saturday, May 14th.
(shhh -- this is just for you blogger friends)

For all the information....click on "Chapters of my story:  Barn Sales" to right.
Also...publicized sales are:
20% off from 2-5 Saturday
30% off from 12-5 Sunday

Fingers crossed for good weather. 
Regardless of any sprinkles -- we are in the hayloft.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just waiting...

Here is my Shawnee...simply waiting.

And so are we.
Barn Sale coming soon!
May 14 & 15 to be exact.

Get all the details HERE

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Count Down...Spring Barn Sale 2011

Less than two weeks.
One more working weekend for readiness.
Just about 10 days...

I am counting the days, sprucing up the hayloft,
and getting ready to roll out the red carpet
(or on a farm, the straw lined path) for my very first Spring Sale.

 May 14th & 15th
Saturday:  9-5
Sunday:  12-5

*no early sales*

Special discounts:
20% off from 2-5 Saturday
30% off all day Sunday

Join us for a day in the country.
S13181 County Road R 
Augusta, Wisconsin  54722

See you there?

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