Monday, May 16, 2011

My Cup Overflows...

Pardon me as I make my list -
the list of all the blessings I feel at this moment.
You see, the weather may not have been great --
but to all of you that brought your warmth & energy to
the Spring Barn Sale -- my sincerest thanks.

I will post pictures soon -- but for now...

My loving thanks to:
  • Dave -- you always have my back -- just do.
  • Sarah & Nan -- there, without the need for fanfare - working at my side -- there.
Were you there?
What was your favorite find?

P.S. the next Barn Sale is October 8 & 9...
And....Jani we missed you.


Barb said...

I am so sad that I didn't make the Spring Barn Sale. My mother-in-law passed away and things have been hectic lately. I certainly thought of you throughout the weekend though, sending good energy and love your way.

Shady Grove Farm said...

Favorite find - the sale itself! We, three generations that attended together- thought it was fantastic! I got the 4 loaf pans that were all hooked together and used it on Sunday to hold the silverware for my son's birthday party. I am still thinking about that big concrete chicken...did he find a home yet?

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Barb -- I am so sorry -- missed you so.

Shady Grove Farm...that concrete chicken is still looking for a home!


Diane said...

Kari - thanks for hosting another great sale! It was a wonderful start to our "girls day out" rounded out with a little shopping and lunch in E.C. Always a pleasure, will look for you the next time we are in Hixton perhaps it will be your weekend to work.

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