Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shall we say - SNOW!

Somehow I had missed it...all the warnings leading up to today.
Certainly, Friday -- word began to register.
Get. Ready.
A. Blizzard. Is. Coming.

So, like any good Wisconsinite -- I went to the grocery store.
Beef stew, cocoa, more cocoa....

And, it is here.
Snow - and plenty of it.
Winds arriving next.
Then cold, cold, cold.

Living in the country - you just have to wait it out.
If winds are coming, no need to get too excited about shoveling...
the gusts will come across the fields and move it all around anyway.
Wait it out.

So, I climbed thru drifts out to the barn this morning.
Making sure every kitten was accounted for --
they would be in way over their little heads in this snow fall.

Milk, cat food, hay for the goats --
and today a space heater in a little "warm me up" spot
for the cats.  Come on, I do have a heart.

It is here -- we hunker down, and wait.
Will it make the record books?
Could be.

Are you hunkered down too?

Shall we say - BLIZZARD.
It was!
Here is Dave hidden behind mounds of snow cleaning up.
My job was to dig a path out of the barn for the animals.
SNOW - and lots of it!!


Barb said...

Yes! Got "hunkered" yesterday with hay, fresh straw in the shelters for the fiber flocks, chicken mash/cracked corn/wood shavings for the feather flock. A new friend sent a huge insulated gift of Southern Food. So today it will be the wood stove, ham, sweet potatoes, cinnamon apples and pecan pie and some Hindustani Chai to warm our cores.

We packaged the church candy bags today even though the Christmas program for tomorrow has been cancelled.

It is time to hunker down the rest of the way with some knitting, spinning and reading.

I Love These Kinds of Days!!

Be Safe! Be Blessed by today's beauty.


Artful Gathering said...

Kari, My family is all safe and sound. Grandkids and one daughter are here and we are making crafts, baking, and decorating. The younger kids are outside playing in the snow... Have a wonderful day, Dawn

Jani said...

We went to the grocery store early this morning. It was packed! Kids are all home this afternoon for "lefse day". Kitchen smells wonderful, but the snow is still not here. Just drizzle..... what's up with that? I listened! I'm ready!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Just came in from the barn- some drifts are up to my hip. Not sure how we are going to dig out of this one.
Wind is whistling, snow keeps falling, no traffic going by.
I guess it is time for another cup of cocoa!

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

The Twin Grandkids had their two year birthday party this afternoon ....just drove home from it, not fun!
Now to shut the door and get cozy!
Enjoy the pretty sights Kari!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Dave awoke to T.J. on CNN talking about Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the snow we got...we did break the record here!

Looking out on the farm from our second floor -- looks like a sea of white waves. Will need to call upon the kindness of a neighbor with their plow to get our cars out. Later today I will dig the animals out.

My poor Dave needs to run a route from Eau Claire to LaCrosse today -- in a large truck. Ian is snowbound at Kara's parent's home in Marshfield. My boys will be out on the roads not liking that thought at all.

Right now, it is so quiet here --- just wind.


kimmykats said...

We are on the southern tip of this storm and started out yesterday with thunderstorms...only an inch here thank goodness. We have the howling wind too ....all of our fur babies have come inside. May all of your family have safe travels today.

Jani said...

The snow got here in the early evening. We got socked too, but not as bad as you Kari. There's ice underneath because of the drizzle and trees are really hurting! So sad... I'm in, deep in, and I ain't going out!

Diane said...

Yes here in Stratford near Marshfield we are snowed in and under. Most roads are drifted closed and prob. won't see our township road grader til sometime on Monday. Spent Saturday doing a final big clean before the Holidays and Sunday baking. Was watching White Christmas Sat. evening and when they got to the part where they sing the song "Snow" I thought, "how ironic."
Everyone be safe out there!

Diane said...

Kari - this note is to Lisa from Sommers Breeze Antiques. Lisa, I visited your booth in Columbus last week Saturday. Love it! It is like you and Kari are sisters separated at birth. Being in your booth was like being at Kari's wonderful barn sales or booth in Hixton. I look forward to visiting both again soon. Diane

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

One of my absolute favorite parts about this blog is the connection people have made. If you click on the commenter's name, some times it takes you to a way to contact them or even their blog.

Anyway -- my bored self decided to wall paper the back of my kitchen cabinets today -- sad, sad adventure...but it did get done -- will maybe post about it another day. I anticipate all the paper may be laying on the counter in the morning.

Snowbound! Please send out the dog sleds!


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh my...wrote my name three times above -- being away from humankind for too long does that to you.

Not even going to sign this time!

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