Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hardworking Cupboard - Vintage with a Purpose #5

So, who made up the rule that the best kitchens
have granite counters and cabinets* that cost the same as your kid's education?  

Must have been the same folks that said a run-on sentence is poor grammar, and don't use "..." too much.

Rules --- whatever.

As I said to my son last week in a little talk about his work towards a Business Degree...
learn all the rules,
then proceed to push the envelope where & when you can.
'Cause who says so?
If it is not law and if it doesn't make sense to you -- then don't.
Be courageous & creative.  Make your own way.

So, that being kitchen, my home was built when home rules were in their infancy.
A kitchen needed a fire to cook on & water somewhere near by. 
Period.  No run-on sentence needed...

And, I love the pureness of what we have.

So -- no granite counters, no cabinets that cost a small fortune...instead --
one of my essentials is this hardworking cupboard.

It is a beauty -- purchased years ago in Paoli, Wisconsin.
In my last home it lived in our upstairs hallway - holding my clothes.
In this home, it resides in the kitchen, friend of the 4 little cabinets that were there.

The inside was painted with milk paint --- from around 1850 --
similar in age to our house.
Pure of style and now pure of purpose:
Hold my stuff.

And zinc topped Ball jars -- oh my gosh!
I officially make a rule: 
Every home needs at least one of these --

*Footnote -- if you have granite counters or fabulous cabinets
--- please do not be offended.
Each home and each person calls for their own identity & needs...rules don't.

So --- here is your chance -
"make" or break a rule here.....
come on, you know you want to!
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Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Despite having a small house with tiny rooms, I paint the walls dark colors and use enormous pieces of furniture. Somewhere someone decided that is "wrong". I snub my nose at that rule. I love your cupboard. I have one also about that size, handmade and gifted to me from my friend's family. I cherish it, it organizes SO many things, and it qualifies as one of my enormous pieces of furniture.

Cass @ That Old House said...

There are rules?

LOVE the cupboard; it's gorgeous and a perfect example of form and function in harmony.

I'd like to see more of your kitchen. We just did a DIY re-make of our kitchen to make it fit with our old house -- the kitchen was only 5 years old and had no soul. I know that by now it has much of my energy and muscle poured into it; I hope we got some antique soul in there as well.

Have a lovely holiday!

Destiny said...

I, too, am a sucker for a zinc lid covered ball jar...or any ball jar for that matter! The cupboard is adorable! Just found your blog - new follower : )

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Cheryl...I love that you do what is right for you!

Cass -- I will try to get some more pictures of the kitchen posted over time.

And Destiny -- welcome, glad you found your way here!


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