Saturday, June 23, 2018

doesn't every orchard need an outhouse?

This double seater (yes, you read that right) was brought to our
farm's orchard from the Thompson Valley Cemetary.  It took 
about 6 people to load & move it.  It took one tornado to pick
it up and set it back down in a new spot in the orchard several 
years ago.  And that is where it now for our 
apple picking and bird feeding supplies.

Today it got a new goose weathervane and some cleaning up.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

had to be mine

I have this thing for hearts.  I also have this thing for charm.
Oh, and did I say that I have this thing for vintage sweetness?

Combine them all in an antique chocolate mold...mine, all mine!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Never underestimate a barncat...

Meet my Lucy Lily...she is my girl. Adopted in 2015 from the 
Eau Claire County Humane Society...she was part of a litter born 
to a feral momma. She has touched my life in more ways then I can 
ever count. Such is the case with every animal that has entered our 
lives, but on this early June particular, I want to testify to how 
the feral cat population should never be underestimated. Our first barncat, 
Hope, found her way to our farm about 10 years ago in the fall, a feral cat. 
It took most of the winter to earn her trust. Over the years she has blessed 
our lives with 25 that now lives in Seattle with my Ian and 
5 that still tend to their barncat duties with our Hope. And then there is 
Midnight, Patches...and the other feral cats that ultimately found solace 
& a home at Meadowview Farm. We have taken the responsibility of their 
care seriously (they could name a wing of the Osseo-Augusta Vet Clinic 
after us)! Tomorrow is my birthday...and I plan to donate to our Humane 
Society on behalf of the feral cats. They are often misunderstood, but 
when we honor them with our trust, remarkable things happen.  💚

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