Friday, September 28, 2012

almost time...

Tick tock, tick tock, that little clock ticks ever so quickly....the Meadowview Farm Barn Sale waits just around the corner from today.

We have been gathering lots, and setting everything up just so. We hope you might stop by on October 13 & 14 ~~ 9-5 Saturday & 12-5 Sunday. For details.....hop over to Barn Sale under "Chapters" to the right.

P.S. miss my blog friends lots....may be finding my way back someday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sweet little moment

after a night of tossing & turning....not even attempting to solve the problems of my little world, I gave in. I awoke, filled my coffee cup, snuggled into my winter robe & sat at the kitchen table. I found my way to this quote, "some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints" first made me chuckle, then it made me cry. If you are a fighter like me you will understand.

So this morning I will just resolve to greet the dawn with faith that I don't have to be in the ring all the time. And yet I can't stop shaking my head that social media can erupt over the final call of a football game when there is so so so much bigger things to devote an early morning worry on.

Oh well, the sun rise calls me as do all the sweet moments that calm my weary heart here at my farm. Here I am untethered. Here I set the record straight on what is a priority & what is not. Here I claim a world not nuanced by restraint of spirit or social conscience.
Here I am the director of what matters.

Friday, September 21, 2012


With arms wide open, we welcome fall. And even though we are as busy as a squirrel with preparation for the fast approaching Barn Sale...I try to take time to honor this, my favorite season.

For details about our October Sale....go no further then to the right under "Chapters", or poke about some of the prior posts below.

In just three weeks from today, I will be fluffing the last corn stalks & tweaking the last vignette...autumn is in the air AND in the barn!

Monday, September 17, 2012

on becoming a crazy cat lady

11....Eleven! That is how many cats now live at the farm. Two are house cats and nine are barn cats ~~ although our one tom cat is a roamer and our first born girl cat likes to spend time on "her porch" guess she is officially a porch cat.

Now, in case anyone wonders...we are responsible, all are immunized and only our original mom cat remains unaltered. But eleven even has me wondering!

We did take the first big step and adopt out our spring boy kitten, Meadow, to our Ian. Meadow now lives in a bachelor pad in Madison!

But alas, I still wander the house & farm with furry friends at my feet. But, please...If there comes a day when I won't admit the size of my cat herd...or take to wearing a spandex cat suit or worse yet a snap up house robe with beaded cat earrings....tell me to get a grip.

Friday, September 14, 2012

one month...

Just a little reminder...the Meadowview Farm Autumn Barn Sale is just one month away. I can hear the clock ticking.

For details....pop over to the right under "Chapters".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a little surprise

Once, maybe twice a year our momma cat, Hope, gifts us with kittens. And so we are blessed with three: August, Autumn & Acorn. They are truly three with the sweetest disposition - born between the potting shed & a picket fence, brought to the nesting box in the barn as they became mobile. They are now safe to play & grow until they are agile enough to climb out of the nesting box. Each night I now return home to lift them out so they can acclimate to the big cats--which now includes Pearl & Luna from the spring litter. Yes, this indeed is my vice.....kittens.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Meadowview Farm Autumn Barn Sale

Another long weekend spent in the hayloft....readiness for the 2012 October Barn Sale is well underway! Our 100 year old barn is filling with antiques & vintage finds.  Word is, an Amish neighbor may also be bringing over a hay wagon that Saturday with pumpkins & other fall harvest goodies.

Mark your calendar:
Saturday, October 13      9:00-5:00
Sunday, October 14      12:00-5:00

                    Special sales:
                         20% off from 2-5 Saturday
                         30% off all day Sunday

Check back here for your super secret password to receive 10% off your purchases Saturday from 9-2

Where:  S13181 County Road R
              Augusta, Wisconsin

*sorry, absolutely no early sales*

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