Saturday, March 31, 2018

I crave quiet...

Today the farm is quiet.  Spring snow arrived last night, so it
feels that this Saturday is for tucking in.  A hot cup of coffee, 
a warm blanket, a soft kitten nose, a good read is all I can find 
on my "to do" list.   

I did promise Polly a kitten or goat picture, so I am sending these 
sweet Daisy Grace whiskers her way. 💙

May this weekend provide for you what you need.  
Today, I just crave quiet.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Yes, it is true that rabbits multiply ever so quickly - as was the
case with this collection of German Easter candy containers.
Created by a home craft industry in the 1890s, they were made
to hold candy, with the head made as a little cover.  Just this
year, several more of these bunnies have hopped home to our farm.

This large bunny started our collection.  I had always coveted these
containers, but they were generally priced outside of my budget.
So, when I spied this one in a waste basket at a thrift sale, I was 
quick to ask if I might lift her out and bring her home.  

This sweet sitting bunny was my most recent find.  I never fuss
if they have repair issues....that just meant a child had loved them.

This sweet bunny is smaller...this little friend has such a 
purposeful expression.  This one was an auction find.

These two bunnies were found in recent months at antique stores
for a reasonable price...if I find one for less than $30, it is mine!

There they all are on a bookshelf in our living dear
little "hutch" of bunnies. 🐇💌

Saturday, March 17, 2018

"pick me"

Even as I begin to see the finish line in a long career in Early Care & 
Education, I will always identify first & foremost as a nursery school
teacher.  As a teacher, my year was informed by the celebrations & 
holidays & seasons of the children that I spent my days with.  I still
decorate my house as if it were a giant living bulletin board from my
teaching days.  So this year, with St. Patrick's Day, Spring & Easter all
simultaneously saying, "pick me"...I blended green & bunnies & tucked
in eggs.  I could never pick a favorite.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

got this thing for chickens

             clucks having a little chat in my kitchen

Saturday, March 3, 2018


     Adding little bits of spring, sweet nods to eggs & bunnies.

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