Thursday, July 5, 2012

bird's eye view

As I flew over our farm last night on our way to a fireworks show in D.C., I snapped a quick picture of our place. Now, how does that go....if you believe that then I have a little bridge to sell you off the west coast-- wink, wink.

Actually let me set the record straight....because if you have ever been to a farm, you may notice they have a photo similar to this..I know I always kind of wondered how that came into their possession. Well, there are photo companies that honest to goodness fly over, snap pictures, develop them into large glossies, then stop by & with a door knock, sell them. And sell them for a high price.

When we got the sales visit, we said "no" to every price....we wanted the photos--he wanted a zillion dollars. We held out long enough for the sales person to finally just ask what we would pay--and now we have two eagle's views of our farm.....and we also own a bridge just down the road.


Artful Gathering said...

Well now Kari! I thought I had the wrong blog until I read down the post. Your a funny girl so early in the am.
Have a beautiful day.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

And the whole time Ralphie was yelling something about being ready for his close-up.

June said...

You funny girl! Yes, I know all about those salesmen and their photos. My in-laws have a ton of these photos of their farm : ) I love them and hope we get them someday. I like to see farmland from always looks so crisp and clean.

Sisters Treasures said...

Too funny, Kari. When I started reading I thought wow, she would have to have a personal plane to get that close of an aerial shot, so you had me for a minute... can I buy the bridge?? lol

Shady Grove Farm said...

Kari- this is great! I love how your farm is an island in a sea of corn. We were lucky enough to have one of these photos still hanging on the wall when we walked into our farmhouse. I've kept it in the same frame and treasure it.


Lynn said...

So glad you got the pic at the price you wanted! They do that at work too, it's a neat idea, but a lot of money:@)

Full Circle Creations said...

I have four of these pictures from different times of the year. I only purchased one of them, the winter one, and my grandfather bought the other three. I live on the farm he started, in a house not nearly as old as yours..1880's. I am your newest follower. Love your writing style.


red.neck chic said...

i am cracking UP!!!


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