Monday, July 30, 2012


.....that is what the tea pot would be doing outside today! Hot it is.

Finally threw in the towel to this heat -home today, head ache for nearly a week. Tried to rest on the porch, too warm-- so feet up, fan on, laying low. Have a big trip ahead...getting better is on my agenda!

*This tea pot lived high above the kitchen cabinets in my childhood home (now it holds charging cords) it is part of my current view from the living-room couch into the den.

How are you surviving the heat?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Barn Cat Rondeviuex

Let me begin, we have had 5 fabulous Barn Sales since 2010...none of which would have run smoothly without the hard work & support of 3 amazing women: Jani, Nan & Sarah.

As I readied for the very first sale, Jani stated that she would be there to help & I don't believe an "I'm sure I can do it myself" was accepted...she put on her apron and dug right in. Sarah & Nan, ever wise, offered to help if needed - they would just be "around in the hayloft"-- knowing they would hear a "help" over the crowd -- and they did. Without their enthusiastic help the first morning of each Barn Sale, it wouldn't happen (by the way...they drive an almost 6 hour round trip to offer this help). They have dubbed themselves the "Barn Cats".....I just call them incredible!

So Saturday, August 4th, is their day. We are off on an Antique Adventure in Illinois...I have promised to return them by midnight.

So, my Barn Cat friends, here is what you need to know...

Morning Pick up times:
8:00 Jani
8:30 Sarah
9:00 Nan

Hint of your coach is below...
Bring your digital camera or camera phone. We have a bit of scavenging to do.
And antiquing.....woo hoo!

Does anyone have any antique shop suggestions in northern Illinois?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

and along came hope...

I am certain my anxiety was apparent in my voice as I called to Luna one more time. The kittens had run into the meadow, following me as I harvested leaves from a nearby tree for a goat treat. Grass so tall & thick...with thistle & nettle & milkweed--butting up to endless acres of corn. Pearl & Meadow had bounded back out, then in again, playing as only kitties do....but no sign of little Luna. Big sister-Whisper & I had sat at the edge of the meadow watching the babies play & waiting to see all three, waiting long enough for Whisper to run off on an adventure of her own, long enough for dusk to settle in. Enough time had passed to alarm 3 months they are still so little, getting lost is too easy. So I called to her, wandering the edges of the meadow calling.

And then she was there, not Luna...but momma cat, Hope. I know she could hear my alarm, and out from the barn she arrived. She sniffed the grass at the edge of the meadow, then entered & disappeared. No sound, except for the two visible babies playing. I scouted all the edges, looking for any movement, listening for any sound. Worry lingered - and I waited...

Quiet & hot. And then my Hope and a tiny panting Luna came out of the tall grass.

So often I lift her into my arms and thank her. This lost cat that arrived at our farm three years ago - my Hope. Blessing us with 4 litters....and teaching us so many countless lessons along the way. Last night she reminded me again that courage is often quiet, that hope runs deep, and that a mother's love knows no obstacle.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

a cow me crazy, but I had to acquire this cow creamer.....and had secretly wished for one for awhile.

Dave & I worked behind the counter at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall Saturday, and I snuck away from my post long enough to have this little friend "moo" to me. And now she lives at my farm.....oh something just tells me I will have a small herd before I know it.

So, go on, do tell....what are you secretly or not so secretly seeking in the world of vintage?

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Last night the new kittens (Luna, Meadow & Pearl) - now 3 months old-found the courage to run ALL the way up to me at the porch. In my "worry book" this marks a new chapter on inquisitiveness before readiness.

Then, as I walked (well ran) the babies back to the barn (yes-they will run with me....not a pretty sight, but it gets the job done) I spot something black & white in the meadow. Not a skunk as you might have been thinking (although I could smell skunk in the air just the other morning), an escaped goat - yes, Ralphie. In bare feet I try to coax him out of all the wonderful yummies he has just gained access to. As I reach for him, I also find nettle...a terrible stinging on my hand. I coerce him back in the fence with the promise of a treat-a scoop of feed....which becomes a jumping activity as I attempt to now keep two excited goats (Charlie has also arrived) from trampling my un-shoed feet. Dave arrives home, I turn the goat fencing issue over to him with an "I'm done".

Woke early this a.m., down the stairs..."hmm, why is my McCoy facing the corner?". Cat had trapped a mouse in said corner, broom & gloves & "don't hurt it" later.....and mouse is back in the corn where it belongs. I suggest a far flung toss of the little guy.

Kittens running amuck, goat testing my patience, mouse flying through the air...
Escape is on my mind....just is.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

more is more

The thing is, I adore my stuff....all my guys, all my collections. When I walk thru this big old farmhouse, they greet me at every turn with a "hey, there you are!".

My sewing room offers a true testament to the charm....just check out the sweetness on one little shelf. Makes me smile, just does...and that feels quite worthy in my little old rule book. Layers & layers of adorable!

So, which are you: "more is more" or "less is more"?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

trend setter that I am...

When I'm not busy leaping workday obstacles with a single bound or tending to a small hobby farm or refilling my antique business stock or readying a hayloft for a barn sale....I am most definitely setting trends (you are welcome to insert "not" here). So paint surprise on my face when I see almost my identical trunk in the recent pages of Pottery Barn. Now we all know that using a trunk as a coffee or side table is not a new decorating standard.....but a GREEN trunk.....I am most certain I am the inspiration behind that (again you are welcome to insert "not" here).

However, for your judgement, see the evidence below:

Photo 1 ~ Pottery Barn's $500ish version
Photo 2 ~ $35 flea market find in living room
Photo 3 ~ $25 auction find on porch
Photo 4 ~ again we return to green trunk in living room in closing argument

Hmmm...trend setter?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

vintage perfume bottles

I love them....these sweet little bottles. I pretend that they came from Paris--arriving in a round suitcase on a large ship, used and saved as souvenirs of that holiday abroad. But more certainly they were purchased years ago at stores now extinct with exquisite counters that made you swoon....stores like Manchesters in downtown Madison.

Now I am not a girly will more likely find dirt under my nails then polish on them........but I just have this affinity & affection for these lovely pieces of the past. With little sweet details that make my heart skip a beat.

P.S. the collage behind is an original from Tracy Porter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Say what? Autumn Barn Sale Update...

No, it is not my intent to will autumn upon goodness, summer just began.
But -- it is now just about 3 months until the
Meadowview Farm Autumn Barn Sale
and just thought I would mention it.

Selling Antiques & Vintage Finds in our 100 year old hayloft.
Here's the low down for 2012:

Saturday, October 13th      9:00-5:00
Sunday, October 14th      12:00-5:00

Meadowview Farm
Augusta, Wisconsin

For even more details, click HERE

P.S. There will be just one Barn Sale in 2013 on October 12 & 13 (no May Sale)...
so this is last sale for a whole year. 

Hope you might be there - hayloft is already beginning to fill up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

corn days

Our farm is surrounded by corn....& this corn is way taller than "knee high by the 4th of July". We feel well guarded by the green stalks standing at attention on three sides of the farm.

As I hung about with kitties - weeding gardens and civilizing grape vine - I felt tucked away from the world. I liked that. Do you ever just need to get away, lose yourself? That is what I needed today, and corn...thousands of stalks granted my wish.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

bird's eye view

As I flew over our farm last night on our way to a fireworks show in D.C., I snapped a quick picture of our place. Now, how does that go....if you believe that then I have a little bridge to sell you off the west coast-- wink, wink.

Actually let me set the record straight....because if you have ever been to a farm, you may notice they have a photo similar to this..I know I always kind of wondered how that came into their possession. Well, there are photo companies that honest to goodness fly over, snap pictures, develop them into large glossies, then stop by & with a door knock, sell them. And sell them for a high price.

When we got the sales visit, we said "no" to every price....we wanted the photos--he wanted a zillion dollars. We held out long enough for the sales person to finally just ask what we would pay--and now we have two eagle's views of our farm.....and we also own a bridge just down the road.

Monday, July 2, 2012

a grand old flag

Just a little wish for a Happy 4th of July!

Stay cool, stay safe....and enjoy this little midweek celebration!

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