Sunday, October 20, 2019

squirreling away...

This is a favorite view from our outbuildings to the
back of our house.  Add a sunflower, and
winter seems a long way off. 

However, we are beginning our diligent preparation 
for colder days: round of hay & bedding in barn, 
last days of mowing with leaves bagged 
for winter goat treats. 
We hope to get new front steps installed & stained 
and maybe even some trim painted.

Add to that, our twin baby goats are learning their own
winter preparation, where to go for warmth & safety.
How to get along with the bigger goats in inside space.

Sunny days to relish, as we knowingly prepare.

Monday, October 14, 2019

kitty mornings



Daisy Grace

Sunday, October 6, 2019



Please help me welcome twin sisters, Tobi & Annie to
Meadowview Farm.

They arrived this afternoon, and I have been in the pasture
or nearby as they acclimate.  Getting used to their
new grassy pasture and big barn and new herd involves
lots of bleating, exploring areas over & over...
and a few dirty looks from the older goats.
I remind the big kids that they arrived just like this.

It has been fun to watch them graze for the first time, play on 
one of the bridges over & over and begin to figure this
all out.  Once they settle in for a nap, they will sleep.

They have fallen for Sawyer, the resident Tomcat, because
he is more their size. The cats are not impressed.

I should mention, the names come from my sister, Lori.  In her
final year, we often joked about me bringing her an animal to 
cuddle.  Due to her health, she felt it would be too much, but
she had chosen names.  I have held those names in my heart.
Until today...sisters. 💙

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

pink, it is

Just a little reminder that October is 
Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I will celebrate 6 years cancer free on October 17...
early detection matters.

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