Monday, October 31, 2011

Put your feet up, relax - home tour continues...

When we first climbed the stairs of our house,
walked through our floral sewing room...
and came to what is now our bedroom,
I thought I was in a dance hall --
yes, it is a big room.

Here's a view in:
3 walls are "forget-me-not" blue
-- the wall behind the bed is green.
There are three fabulous windows...
It is just such a sweet sweet room.
It required floral...just did.

To get to this room, you have to go through
the study or the sewing room--
so it feels kind of like a secret.
It needed a special color palette:
with a bit of dark wood to
anchor it...
and a bunny or lilac or two to boot.

It came all together with a quilt over the king size bed.

And here is a "walk around the room"...
door leads to study

big oval rug, yellow painted floor...

door to our sewing room is to the
left of the yellow dresser...

Since there are no closets (because in 1857 those were taxed too)...
we use wardrobes & dressers & trunks for storage.

Now, let's add some "sweet" & "adorable"
Even an original Tracy Porter Collage!

And a "Kari Original Collage" too...framed
foam core covered in vintage lace.
Added all my favorite paper scraps, pins, millinery.

**Hint -- if you ever cross paths with a 3-tier table,
nab it.  This table is perfect for so many uses --
 here holding a sweet array of goodies
-- have also used it on the dining room table.

There it is -- our sweet bedroom....
purely simple & quite precious,
if I might say so myself.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

you never know...

I would imagine that when you walk thru my home,
you might wonder...

-for example-

What is that little stumpy guy doing on the kitchen shelf?

Or, why ever is there a goat on the dining room table?

At every turn, in many nooks -- there may be
a question just waiting for an answer.

The truth be told
to me it is all about

That wonderful feeling of smiling just a bit, in that somewhat
curious way, when something that doesn't quite make sense
kind of makes all the sense in the world.

Shouldn't life really be all about not really knowing
what awaits around that next corner?

Thank goodness my home has many corners.
lots of
"you never know"

To leave in wonder always feels
like the best kind of departure.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Consider yourself invited...

Every now & again I feel the need to reboot & refresh my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Hixton, Wisconsin.  Now, this is not when I bring a basket or so to add -- this is an all out, down & dirty, move it all about, shake, rattle & roll -- shift the room redo.  So -- that was me Friday night -- I arrived at 5:15 as the mall closed with "I mean business" on my mind -- within 20 minutes, the first furniture was getting pushed and shoved about my 10:00 I called it a day -- arriving back the next morning a bit after 7:00 to finish it up before the mall's doors opened.  And -- I did it without breaking a single item (my usual number of casualties is 3).  So -- if you haven't been over in a bit --- stop on by.  Meadowview Farm (dealer "SPY") has two car fulls and a full trailer of vintage goodies added!

The mall is located on Elder Street in Hixton --
and is open10-5 every day. 
It is right off I94 between Black River Falls & Eau Claire.
I might guess it to be perhaps the second largest multi-dealer mall in Wisconsin -
with 90 vendors.
There are 3 other antique stores in Hixton -- so it is a day trip!

Now -- if I could only get inspired to clean my house today...
hmmm - couch looks mighty inviting.

Friday, October 21, 2011

so long little friends...

I do so dislike the farewells of this time of year.
When the decision is made to not cover the plants -
to let the frost come.
good byes are said in the first morning light
when their passing is mixed with magic
with sparkle
with frosty glitter

Farewell all my little friends.
I will miss you so...

Do you cry too?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Halloween tree...

I imagine that the folks seeing me dig in the "free" bin at the thrift sale this summer, and then loading a big old white Christmas tree in our trailer felt a bit sad for the old girl (me - not the tree).  They wondered what anyone might want with that white eyesore (tree - not me).  Well -- I had a thought, an idea, an inspiration.  That tree would become something quite special in a corner of the hayloft for the Autumn Barn Sale -- it would become -- The Halloween Tree.
I gathered my goodies:
  • orange twinkle lights
  • BINGO cards
  • vintage pictures of old souls
  • old playing cards -- black spades & clubs only
  • worn clothespins for attaching
  • crows & a spider web
  • small pumpkins
  • sunflowers - to lighten it just a bit
  • tart tins filled with dominoes to tuck in the branches
  • black shoelaces to dangle
  • an old film reel for a garland
Put it all together with a fabulous old black bedspread for a tree skirt. 
And, S P O O K Y it is!

Oh, I do so adore this time of year -- (insert cackle, cackle, cackle here).  With black & white & orange & a pop of apple green & a tad of yellow ---such twisty funky colors -- and the spooky theme, irrisistable!

Do you get into Halloween decorating? 
Did you happen to see the Halloween Tree at the sale?
Do tell....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Halloween, it's Halloween - the moon is big & bright...

oh my...
  I do so love this celebration & this time of year.
Adding a dab of orange here & there,
or a pumpkin or a squirrel or a sweet scary guy brings fall & Halloween to our home.

The greens, yellows & browns of our living room, dining room & den were inspired by this time of year! add to the festivity, Dave & I are celebrating 30 years of marriage today.
 A pumpkin in the pearls -- of course!
Kind of an analogy of life.

Enjoy today!

Monday, October 10, 2011


So, I tried to think of a word that best described the
2011 Autumn Barn Sale
and it was, hands down,
Now, I don't often use that word - but it works here for me.


And, those of you that took the time to attend...
What can I say?


Special thanks to Dave & Ian - my guys
Sarah & Nan (aka "the Barn Cats") --- you guys ----- SENSATIONAL!!!

My thanks to everyone...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Opening the door & Welcome - Autumn Barn Sale 2011

Hmmm...I wonder what is waiting up in the hayloft
for the Meadowview Farm Autumn Barn Sale?

What:  Antiques & Vintage Finds
Sale offered in our 100 year old barn's hayloft twice a year!

When:  October 8 & 9
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-5
**Sorry, no early sales**

Where:  S13181 County Road R 
Augusta, Wisconsin

Saturday 2-5    20% off
Sunday 12-5   30% off all day

And, just say "carving pumpkins"
to get 10 % off from 9-2 on Saturday.

Psst...over here...
here's a little peak, right when you open the door -
one little part of the huge hayloft...

Opening the door at last!

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