Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hoo & Boo

Sending out a Happy Halloween!

Sending thoughts & prayers to all who are weathering the storm.....  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last Friday night, we took two cars & a trailer to the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Hixton, Wisconsin. All is full again!

For all the details on this mall......jump to the right under "Chapters".
My code is "spy", Dave's code is "md" -- we each have a booth & a case.  I specialize in Farmhouse Style & Vintage Holiday/Seasonal.....Dave has Vintage Cabin and Fishing.

And, we will be behind the counter this Saturday, Oct. 27. Stop on by and perhaps we can wheel & deal!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


As the sun sets on our 2012 Autumn Barn Sale....
I wanted to just share how truly appreciative I am.

To my bestest "Barn Cat" friends that help the first morn: Jani, Nan & Sarah ~ my thanks!
To those of you that ventured through the rain to attend ~ my thanks!
For the many that traveled hours & miles ~ my thanks!
To our Amish neighbors that sent over a hay wagon filled with harvest ~ my thanks!
To my Dave, who parked cars in the damp weather ~ my thanks!
For the giggles, smiles & good spirit of all ~ my thanks!

My heart is happy indeed....

Gratitude is priceless.

A round of hugs to all!

Friday, October 12, 2012

here we go...

Meadowview Farm Autumn
Barn Sale
Antiques & Vintage Finds

This is our third Fall Sale!

I've tweaked the last vignette, 
set up part of the lower level of the barn (outdoor stuff inside in case of rain), 
filled up the hayloft to the brim, 
readied some warm apple cider---------D O N E.

The doors open this weekend.

Saturday, October 13 from 9-5
Sunday, October 14 from 12-5

There will be specials, of course....
Beginning with the return of the "Barn Cats" (Jani, Nan & Sarah) to help Sat. morn.
Then there is the super secret password for 10% off Saturday & you will find it below.
And 20% off from 2-5 Saturday.
And, and, and 30% off A L L day Sunday.

Where is this sale?

S13181 County Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin

Perhaps we will see you soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

getting ready

sitting here in the early morning, going through my checklist for the Autumn Barn Sale....and getting my inspiration mojo on.

Dreamt last night about the sale. Will say the images made me smile just a bit.

Oh, getting ready!

All the details if you just read through the prior posts.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

just one week....

Spent today at auction, with final gathering underway for the
Meadowview Farm Barn Sale.
In just one week the door opens to our 100 year old hayloft --
October 13 & 14 it is.
(Rain or Shine....we are in a barn - smile!)

All the details are in the right column under Barn Sale
Or in posts below...

This will be the last sale for a whole year...
with only an Autumn Sale in October of 2013.

Hope to see you soon!

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