Monday, August 17, 2020

Life is good

On Thursday, my Emma arrived. She was here to help with overgrown gardens and to fill my heart with wedding chatter. We survived a lightning strike to the farm on Friday night that was only mitigated because our strong farmhouse & breaker box took the brunt of the hit, protecting us all. On Saturday, my Ian arrived...tired from good work at his new job in Milwaukee, thankful that I94 was all it took to bring him home. On Sunday, we walked The Condensery, taking in all the checklists that would need to be completed...yet relishing the thought of this lovely wedding & reception that was awaiting us in October. Sunday, my Dave and I attended a bridal shower at a neighbor's dairy farm, enjoying the kindness of folks just down the road and the excitement of their approaching event. And now I lay with my Lucy cat on my shoulder, taking a moment to catch up on my friend's weekends as I "like" my way thru FaceBook, often smiling. Life is good!
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