Friday, February 27, 2015

almost March

The quiet calm of greens & browns awaits March.  
Soon the pastels of April will fill our home, but for now,
"serene" is the request.

I have been sick with winter "yuk" peaceful feels so

Found the sweet bowl above for a few dollars this past 
weekend, the tin mold was a keeper too.

And a bowl of charm...a clock, platter, lace...

What fills your home at this time of year?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

next...the shamrocks appear

Today I put away my Valentine's Day stuff...and quickly
brought out my St. Patrick's Day goodies!  I am always
amazed how my tin clover leaf cutters seem to replicate.

Greens, browns, tin, gold...all mark this time of year.  

Bringing out this next celebration also marks a count down
to spring.  I sneak a peak at all the bunnies just waiting to 
hop on out next.  "Soon", I share..."soon".

Sunday, February 15, 2015

spring on my mind

When I think warm weather at the farm, this is what I imagine: green green green and kittens!  On these cold February days, thank goodness we know what comes next!  Stay warm & think spring!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

heart day wishes

                  Happiest of Valentine's Days to you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

another keeper

I shared two "keepers" from my recent antiquing trip ~~ and
here is one more.  I found this sweet rabbit valentine to sit on
a shelf with a little girl valentine I had.  I truly adore everything 
about this sweet bunny.  

On a shelf in my bathroom, greeting us each day!

I love that $1.00 can purchase vintage charm.

Do you have a favorite vintage find that cost a buck or less?

Sunday, February 8, 2015


For those of you that buy & resell vintage goods, you
know that every now & again we find something that we
just have to keep for ourselves on our antique adventures.

These are my two "keepers" from an antique trip to 
Appleton, WI on Saturday.

My Ian just moved to Neenah, and Dave & I journied over
to bring some things for his apartment & spend some 
time with our boy.  This was Dave's first chance to see the 
new place.  Lucky for us, Ian lives just a few miles from one of our
favorite antique malls, the Fox River Antique Mall in Appleton.
Since Ian works until about noon on Saturday, what were we to 
do while we waited for him??......antique, of course. 

To make for an even better day, we ran into Sarah & Winn, out 
for an antique adventure of their own.  And if this was not pure 
kismet, Dave & I have only shopped together at this mall twice in the
past imagine we have spent maybe 4 hours out of 
365 days at this mall ~~ AND both times we ran into Winn & Sarah!!
Honestly, we had no idea they were going there, we each have at least 
a 4 hour round trip to get there...and we run into one another in the
middle of an antique booth ~ twice.........kismet!

Saturday was a day of "keepers" ~~~~ memories of such a fun day 
spending time with family, running into friends.  Each time I look at my
Kreamer heart baking pan & Dundee Marmalade pot, I will smile!

Addendum...imagine my extra surprise, I just did an EBay search on the Kreamer heart baking pan.  I debated spending a firm $32.00 for it, but decided I had never seen one before, AND I would keep it. One just sold in January for about $140 with shipping (with 11 bids!) on EBay! Yes, a keeper!

Friday, February 6, 2015

good night sweet heart

It is hard to capture "cozy" on camera.  That time of the
day when darkness falls and the farm is lit by just a mere
handful of lights.  

I walked past this plate, filled with Valentine's Day smalls...
and it was just "cozy".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

bye sweet Ojibwa

I need to greet each sweet soul as they arrive & as they depart at our farm.
Today, dear little Ojibwa passed on in the barn he was born in & loved.

Too sick to recover, even after several trips to the vet and rounds of antibiotic.

Tears for a cat.

Farewell sweet jibby.

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