Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A new year, a new door

Many of you know that I have been immersed in health issues.
I typically am just an "annual doctor appointment" kind of gal...
but when I do get sick - boom, I go big!

Starting in November, two health tracks emerged.

One was work related, hurting my lower back while providing
books & more books at 12 events I hosted across the Chippewa Valley
at libraries and 4K classrooms during November.
For anyone experiencing back pain, it is quite debilitating.

My second track began as a persistent cough this past fall, ultimately 
diagnosed as a very large mass in my left lung.
After weeks of scanning, poking, and trying to finalize a plan of action,
my lung collapsed, sending me on a wild ambulance ride through
a Wisconsin snowstorm. The plan had been to have medflight with a 
Thoracic Surgeon on board meet the ambulance along I94 for an 
Emergency procedure. I was fortunate that the Emergency Room
at Mayo in Osseo were able to stabilize me enough to transport me
all the way to the Emergency Room in Eau Claire without the 
drama of a medflight rendezvous.  
I ended up in the hospital for 11 days, and was deemed
strong enough for lung surgery while there. I arrived home 
on Christmas Eve.

I will meet with my Oncologist & Spine Specialist to set a continued
plan for recovery later this week.  Of course, this wasn't my plan
for 2020...but I will walk thru this door with courage.

Over these recent weeks & days, I have felt the lift of
kindness, care, and such sometimes feels
overwhelming.  From my son hopping a plane to fly home from 
Seattle as soon as he found out I was heading to Eau Claire in an ambulance,
to Dave...taking care of this entire farm & me without complaint,
to my big sis, Randi, literally lifting stress off of my shoulders
with her generosity, to countless family, friends & neighbors
stepping forward...the kindness has moved me.

We do not know our path. But, with love & support, we can walk
through any door. 

P.S. I have not been to the barn or pasture to greet my goats 
& barncats in almost a month. That is one of my next goals.
Missing that old barn door.


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