Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day should be every day....

this is what I think: 
how lovely to wake each day to a basket of flowers on your door knob.  I would love a little nosegay, a wire wrapped bottle with a single tulip hung just so, a little gift of pansies waiting for a garden spot, a blue Ball jar tied with twine & filled with daisies. 
This is the special place I would like to live every day. 
A place where flowers find a way to you -- just because.

Here are my favorites from my Pinterest board:

Wouldn't it be just lovely if May Day was every day...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

my little sale preparation for a big booth redo in May,
I am kicking off my own interpretation of a mega sale
at the Hixton Antique Mall in Hixton, Wisconsin. 

Stop on over for 40% off in my booth at the mall --dealer SPY.
This is my very biggest SALE ever! EVER!

For the scoop on on "Vintage Finds" under Chapters to the right. 
or find out more HERE

This sale will run at least through my Spring Barn Sale weekend
(May 12 & 13, 2012).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just a flit of blue caught our eye....
and there he was, a male bluebird
darting into this bird house on the side of our potting shed.

Dave has worked to bring the bluebirds to our farm.
Adding more homes each year, clearing out the old nests...
wishing, wishing, wishing.

And arrive they have.
Two pair - one here, one in a house Dave made
and added to the side of a tree.
They do like the houses that open eastward.

I hope that it is true that when a bluebird crosses your
path, it is happiness they bring with them.

Friday, April 20, 2012


we have kittens

we have kittens

we have kittens

we have kittens

the excitement builds
Our one unaltered female barn cat, Hope,
has had her spring litter.

She decided that the best place this time was under
the corn crib, so we have not yet met
the babies....but soon.

They were born Wednesday.

we have kittens
(can't wait to meet them)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

super secret password revealed

Have I mentioned that our Spring Barn Sale is quickly approaching?
Have I mentioned the dates & times?

Saturday, May 12:  9-5
Sunday, May 13:  12-5
(little reminder...sorry, no early sales)

Have I mentioned all the wonderful goodies awaiting those of you that can attend?
Oodles & oodles of wonderful stuff I've been gathering & saving....

Oh, and discounts -- shall I mention?
20% off from 2-5 on Saturday
30% off all day Sunday

And where?
S13181 County Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin

Hmmmmm, what am I missing...oh yes, the super secret password
Yes, this gets you 10% off from 9-2 on Saturday
Just share it at the check-out desk (but do be discreet)

And...drum roll, the password for this sale is:

Sipping Tea

shhhhh, this is indeed super secret.....

Monday, April 16, 2012

pay no attention to the snowflakes...

Happy Monday dear friends...
spring will be back shortly.

Friday, April 13, 2012

random thoughts

pardon my thoughts, pardon me, do...but I need to write this down & then toss it out to all who might hear. there are these moments when I just don't get it...just don't quite understand. there are these times when I wonder why with all my heart, when the questions run far deeper then the quest. usually it will be the seemingly small thoughtless acts that will set my blood to boiling and become my tipping point. these will be the moments that will cause me to place my teacher hands on my hips, straighten my back and when the words will flow with wild abandon. and so it is today...after a long week of head tipping point was found with a black & white cat we have come to call Faith. at this moment he waits in a live trap in our milk house, most of his fur has been pulled from his little body, matted so with burs. he found his way to our barn, certain I am that someone drove him out to the country & just let him go. he has figured out how to fend for himself, but when his fear subsides for a brief moment, I can see how this is a house cat, abandoned. and that does become my straw this week...that someone gave up on him. last night as I sat on the cold barn floor, trying to calm him....I told him, we will do right by you. so this morning he will travel to our angel, Suzie, at the Trempealeau County Humane Society. they have a "no kill" policy and will soothe Faith's hurts and find him a home. as for me, I awoke with these random thoughts today and tears for a cat. that's all...

Monday, April 9, 2012


not quite, but almost time...
my favorite green house opens this Saturday,
and I simply can't wait!

I will buy pansies & pansies & pansies.

All these sweet little faces will greet me all about the farm.

So -- what favorite flower are you counting the days until?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring on my mind....

With bunnies, chicks, colored eggs, lilacs, and green green grass every where...I am certain I have a big old case of Spring Fever.  Does wanting to be barefoot in early April make sense to you?  Does sitting in the middle of a pasture of goats in the early evening hours alarm anyone?   Does running through the backyard of the farm to visit the barn one more time at dusk (in my robe no less) sound like I have fallen off the deep end?  Oh, I do wonder what passers-by must think!

And, here is what is also just a bit on my mind...
    The Meadowview Farm Barn Spring Sale on May 12 & 13, 2012
                      The following is from my Pinterest Spring Barn Sale Inspiration Board

So, happy Bunny Day to all of you....
hope you have a wonderful weekend.

As for me, quite certain I'll be carrying on barefoot in the goat pen!
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