Tuesday, April 17, 2012

super secret password revealed

Have I mentioned that our Spring Barn Sale is quickly approaching?
Have I mentioned the dates & times?

Saturday, May 12:  9-5
Sunday, May 13:  12-5
(little reminder...sorry, no early sales)

Have I mentioned all the wonderful goodies awaiting those of you that can attend?
Oodles & oodles of wonderful stuff I've been gathering & saving....

Oh, and discounts -- shall I mention?
20% off from 2-5 on Saturday
30% off all day Sunday

And where?
S13181 County Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin

Hmmmmm, what am I missing...oh yes, the super secret password
Yes, this gets you 10% off from 9-2 on Saturday
Just share it at the check-out desk (but do be discreet)

And...drum roll, the password for this sale is:

Sipping Tea

shhhhh, this is indeed super secret.....

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