Wednesday, April 27, 2011

gather, gather, gather

Might I just say...
I love to gather -- looking, seeking, finding.
I gather lots of things -
my criteria is simple,
it must be: "charming", "sweet", "adorable".

Once gathered, the next step is, of course,
tucking my sweeties in places that will make me smile.

However, sometimes I gather just a bit of an overflow.
Then, where shall I store my sweeties?
Time to gather storage boxes or cans or trays or bowls...

Any excuse to gather is a fine rationale in my book.

So, color me un-surprised when I opened a drawer to find:
chickens galore...

Gathering -- I daydream about such things.
Oh, what adventure next awaits & what will I find?

P.S. I am hosting a "gathering" of annual Spring Barn Sale on May 14 & 15.
Yes, my gathering often overflows to selling.
Hop over to the right under "Chapters: Barn Sales" for all the details.

So- what thinks you about gathering?

Monday, April 25, 2011

I tried...

Part of the plan this weekend was to work on
the upcoming Barn Sale.

Let's just say, I tried...

However, I had 4 little kittens who finally lost their mittens helping.

A can of Marmalade.

For all the Barn Sale details, click HERE

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm no spring chicken.
Yet, sometimes the thoughts in my head
just don't quite match the face in the mirror.
See -- in many ways, we are always that child...
looking for acceptance,
seeking a hand to hold in the storm,
hunting for eggs under the couch.

So - with Easter approaching I fall into those memories.
The scratchy hats & prickly new dresses.
Standing with my sisters in front of the picture window for a photo
(I'm the one in tears).
Not being able to keep that darn egg on that wire holder
 as I dipped it in egg dye...
and those cardboard punch out egg decorations on the dye box-
don't even get me going on those.
And the baskets overflow in the popcorn bowl.
How many times did my mom stitch & restitch bunny?
All of these memories are my sanctuary,
thoughts of family & faith & love.

So -- no matter what you might celebrate at this time of year --
a holiday of renewal & rebirth & eggs opening & buds unfolding
and mending...
is gladly welcomed.

Happy Spring dear friends.
Happy Easter my dear dear bunny.
Love to you my sisters.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Let's say the Antique World created a new rule --
you can only collect one thing

What would it be?

Now no cheating --
you have to be somewhat limiting in your answer.

For me...
I adore these German Steiff mohair rabbits from the 1940s/1950s.
Flown all the way to me from Germany.
Sweet sweet children's toys.

Now -- since I make my "blog rules" -- we each get one "But".
This is the second item -- our "but I have to collect this too".

My new "but..." would be:
Charming little cups with birds on them.
Adore these too!

So, what is your one item you just
have to collect and your "but..." - second item??

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arriving Soon...

Spring Barn Sale 2011
Saturday, May 14       9:00-5:00
Sunday, May 15       12:00-5:00

Get all the details to the right under "Chapters of my story: Barn Sales"

Saturday, April 16, 2011 last

The winds didn't ease until this winter surpise returned last night.
It now feels peaceful -- not undone as it has
since the tornado last Sunday.

Friday we worked. 
My son, Ian, arrived, neighbor Rodney arrived,
 chainsaw sounds across the farm.
Before the backyard tree was totally down,
 I touched the bark of this beautiful 60+ year old tree
& thanked her for her shade
 & for taking the brunt of the winds to spare the rest of the farm.

From my last picture a post below, to this...

We still have several trees to remove in the orchard,
but we are getting there.
Repair around the farm will be the next step.

So far, we have filled this dumpster from Rodney twice with debris.

And let me share - Ian made the jump up
 into the dumpster with ease.
Pulling around branches,
stomping them down to make more room.
After he left to make his 2.5 hour trip back to his place,
 Dave & I both tried to just get up into the dumpster
...not a pretty sight.
At one point, I climbed a tree stump like a ladder,
Dave got to pushing me upward,
I got to laughing.

Laughter is good.  Faith is good.  Resilience is good.
Finally, all is calm at Meadowview Farm.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A tiskit, a tasket...

a sweet Easter basket.

German papier mache egg candy containers.
The rabbit face is quite "desired" in this collection.

No candy here -- just a basket of charmers.

Hmmm...spoon holder disguised as a basket...too tired to object.

Beginning to get back to normal. 
Nice to think about sweet things again.

Monday, April 11, 2011


To start, we are all O.K. -- that is always a good start & a good end to a story.  On Sunday afternoon, a tornado made a path along Highway R in Augusta -- our farm was along that path.  I had been working in the hayloft all day -- readying for the May Barn Sale...multiple times the radio had announced a series of severe storms heading our way.  Dave was at work - but we had been checking in fairly regularly regarding the weather.  The dark skies to the north finally hurried me into the house -- closing up the barn, tucking everything in and wishing for the best....sounded like it would miss us.  Some time around supper, Dave called to say that there was a tornado near Foster heading toward Augusta - I best get the cats & head to the basement.  As I was calling for the cats and trying to find my phone -- I could hear the sound of a train outside -- if you have ever heard this, you know that ominous noise.  I climbed into the bathtub - not knowing if I would make it to the basement (growing up in a basement less house in Monona -- the bathtub was where our mom would tuck us away to be safe in a storm).  When I finally made it to the basement, I could hear the south side of the house just getting slammed.  After the winds stopped, I climbed the stairs with solemn trepidation -- what would I find?  Indeed, we had been in the path of a tornado --- at least 5 trees will need to come down, lots of repair to outbuildings & the barn, our patio set was carried off to the neighboring field.......but, we were all O.K.  The house had once again stood up against the winds.  The barn was still standing (and the hayloft & all the Barn Sale goodies untouched--the kittens had hunkered down up there).  The goats had ridden out the winds in their cabin (as the lower level of the barn was whirl winded).  Ralphie's bridge was now stuck on a fence -- as was most of their hay...which they found to be an awesome way to eat.  The large cupola I noted in my last post was way out in the adjacent field.  But we were all O.K.  I called to let Dave know we were fine -- but that there was indeed a tad bit of work to be done, we will be at it for a while.  The neighbors came to offer help -- they shared how they watched this fume of wind carrying stuff across the field.    Everyone was hit, barns were flattened, electricity out until the wee hours, trees - beautiful trees twisted.  Tornado, without mercy -- and yet what you spared we are thankful for.   We are all O.K.

My big sister, Randi, provided me with some data this afternoon -
the F1 tornado that hit us traveled a path of 1.5 miles at speeds up to 105 mph.

I realized today why I was insistent on having my phone in the basement...if this big old house fell,
I was going to be under lots of bricks & mortar & plaster.  But she didn't.  105 mph winds knocked her again & again and she stood.  I don't think I was afraid because I felt safe...folded in her arms, safe.
Today I am a bit shook by the thought of it all -- cross that off my bucket list -- I survived a tornado.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting Ready - Spring Barn Sale 2011

I opened the door to the hayloft
& spent the next 10 hours as if it were Christmas morning. 
Setting up...

This is how it goes, layer upon layer over the next weeks.
Today was furniture and planning what will go where.
Tomorrow I will go up and tweak what I started.
"Smalls" are yet to come.

Now -- not to ruin any surprises,
I will show just one item Dave brought home last night.

Let me tell you, this is no regular barn cupola --
it is one meant for the barn of a giant.
Honestly, it fit our entire trailer -- I can stand inside of it.

Anyway -- for all the Barn Sale details --
hop over to "Barn Sales" under Chapters to the right.

It is coming soon -- May 14 & 15!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nothing could be finer...

I ended Tuesday in the pasture.

Enjoying the company of a tiny herd of goats & cats.
Even taking off my coat to sit on Ralphie's bridge.
They played, I smiled.
I am learning to cherish every moment.

Chestnut contemplates a leap from a fence post
(guess kitty tongues help).

Marmalade contemplates the sun from the goat cabin roof.

Whisper, Chestnut, Marmalade & Cinnamon
contemplate an end of the day bath at the base of the silo.

Truly, in my little world,
nothing could be finer...

Monday, April 4, 2011

right then left

Right on County Road R, then left on Barka Road.
There you will find our Town Hall.
There you will find 3 women waiting...
sign your name on the list --
last time I was #17 at day's end.

This is where I vote.

Township of Otter Creek
City of Augusta
Eau Claire County

And I have promises to keep...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

country "time"

I don't wear a watch.
And, most clocks in our house are stopped at a time in the past.
Our mantle clock chimes on the hour -
sometimes our only reminder beyond the rising or setting sun of time.

Country "time" is slower.
Days are planned based upon the weather --
that's how farming communities work.
We can really be snowed in if our driveway
(almost a city block in length) isn't plowed out.
I can't zoom about the internet -- because we still exist on dial up service.
A trip to the city is planned.
"Night life" are the animals that visit our farm in the safety of darkness.

But yet, there is an efficiency to this country "time".
Neighbors learn about comings & goings from the milk truck.
A helping hand comes with steady haste.
A truck & a hitch saves time.
Time is steadfast -- not fleeting.

I have only lived this country life for 4 years.
My other years were as a city girl -- not a big city girl, but a city girl all the same.
Learning to slow down has come easier than I expected.
Now granted, my office is in the city -- so I still enjoy that pace --
but my heart is in the country.
I have been reset to country time
and that's O.K. with me.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome April!

I am anxious for this sight...

an open door to my potting shed

Welcome April!
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