Saturday, April 2, 2011

country "time"

I don't wear a watch.
And, most clocks in our house are stopped at a time in the past.
Our mantle clock chimes on the hour -
sometimes our only reminder beyond the rising or setting sun of time.

Country "time" is slower.
Days are planned based upon the weather --
that's how farming communities work.
We can really be snowed in if our driveway
(almost a city block in length) isn't plowed out.
I can't zoom about the internet -- because we still exist on dial up service.
A trip to the city is planned.
"Night life" are the animals that visit our farm in the safety of darkness.

But yet, there is an efficiency to this country "time".
Neighbors learn about comings & goings from the milk truck.
A helping hand comes with steady haste.
A truck & a hitch saves time.
Time is steadfast -- not fleeting.

I have only lived this country life for 4 years.
My other years were as a city girl -- not a big city girl, but a city girl all the same.
Learning to slow down has come easier than I expected.
Now granted, my office is in the city -- so I still enjoy that pace --
but my heart is in the country.
I have been reset to country time
and that's O.K. with me.


Artful Gathering said...

Kari, wonderful post this am. I don't wear a watch either. Around here we go by the sun and moon... And we know to go to bed when all the chores are done and our bodies tell us it's time.
I'm thankful the sun is out today. Maybe if it thaws some I can pick up the yards? Have a super day.

Jani said...

That sounds lovely, to be watchless, but I think I'd miss the school house clock chimes in the kitchen, the grandfather clock in the hallway and the cuckoo in the family room. They keep me in tune with my day.

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