Tuesday, October 8, 2013

sales galore

Not only will this beautiful upcoming weekend, October 12 & 13, 2013
be the Meadowview Farm Barn Sale......but it will also be a weekend of 
Sales Galore!

Here are a few "sale seeds" to plant in your mind!

1.  Barn Sale...find your super secret password to 10% off from 9-2 on Saturday in a post below.

2.  Or arrive after 2:00 on Saturday, Oct. 12, for 20% off!

3.  Or how about 30% off from 12-5 Sunday, Oct. 13?

4.  Of course every little detail is to the right under "Chapters"- Barn Sale!

5.  And, please find me at the Barn Sale (I will be wearing a green apron) for a special "Friend of Meadowview Farm" membership card that will always entitle you to 20% savings on any item(s) from my "SPY" booth and/or case at the Hixton Antique Mall.  These can only be given to you by me.......my special gift to you as a thank you for your support!  

6.  If this was all not enough sales, I have kicked off a "clean out the Hixton Antique Mall Booth" -- Dealer "SPY" major megaroonie sale........50% off!

7.  And to grease the wheel---Hixton will have their flea market this coming weekend too........for more about Hixton---head over to the right under "Chapters".

8.  Finally, if you should see a piece of furniture in my booth or at the Barn Sale with a price over $100 or noted as "Display" and you are interested in it.......I will consider a reasonable offer.  The mall has my number.

9.  All proceeds from this year's sales will go toward my medical expenses.

10.  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!  
                    Kari from Meadowview Farm


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hope you have a wonderful sale, Kari!

Primitive Stars said...

Good luck on your sale, would love to come......great old seed packages, Francine.

Lisa Sommers said...

So Looking forward to seeing you and your sale. I hope you are doing better than expected!

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