Saturday, July 20, 2013

Barn Sale ~ 2013

And so it begins.....the Barn Sale readiness list printed today!

Areas have been set up for a first go round in the hayloft ~ items gathered, priced & stored.

Meadowview Farm Barn Sale ~ 2013

If you live near Augusta, Wisconsin, consider this a "save the date"!

   Saturday, October 12 from 9-5
   Sunday, October 13 from 12-5

Would love to have you join us for this Vintage & Antique Sale! Come out and meet the goats & kittens. Grab an apple from our little orchard. Walk the grounds of our 1857 farm. Climb the stairs and enter the blue door to our will be brimming with vintage finds.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

morning mind

Up early, thoughts swirling.
Focus, focus, focus.

Sometimes the "big picture", the next appointment, the what ifs are too much.
Focus on the moment, close your eyes, deep breath.

Texture, color, small details...calm, re-focus.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

every story should have a happy ending

And so it sweet August Rose became a house kitten.
She came inside last week, my two inside boys have been such gentle souls with her.

This house is a castle to her after over 6 weeks of confinement.  And, I must admit, her sweet kitty manners have surpassed all expectations.  She has found little nap spots, plays with such joy and has gotten along just fine with all my gatherings.  It even took her two days to discover that there was indeed a second floor.

She is sweet beyond measure, laying behind me on the love seat as I write, purring.

What began with a terrible accident at the end of May, has become our own little Cinderella story...and in this story, they lived happily ever after.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ojibwa, Sawyer, Chippewa

I couldn't be happier then sitting on the floor of a hayloft in a 100 year old barn with 7 kittens playing about me. This is indeed my kind of heaven on earth.

We have named the 3 buff kittens Ojibwa, the 3 sable kittens Sawyer and the one gray kitten Chippewa. This makes it easy for now. They will be 6 weeks soon, and have learned to trust me just as their mom, Hope, does.

They play easily...a piece of straw is toy enough.

Their independence & co-dependence feels extra right today....Happy July 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sale at Hixton

I have just kicked off a 20% off SALE in my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Hixton, Wisconsin. For all the "Hixton Scoop", hop over to the column on the right under Chapters.

Happy July!

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