Sunday, April 27, 2014

let's just call it what it is...


I adore Steiff ~ mohair fur & feather critters from Germany.
Now in their 70s, these adorables live in my upstair's craft room.
**do notice the fab wallpaper! love love love that too!  Was here 
when we found the farm!**

I love everything about these sweeties!  

I took a 360 degree tour of my craft space....check out my menagerie!
Will let the pictures speak for themselves ~~ obsession indeed!

Monday, April 21, 2014

in the hayloft

I am drawn to our barn.
A place of solace and quiet.

Over the weekend Dave helped me set up a workshop at the back of the hayloft...a place to work on vintage finds.  A place to sand, poly, pound, fix, repurpose.
With my radio on and kittens nearby, I work.
I am lost in time, most content.

As you know, there will not be a Barn Sale in 2014, my health helped me to reevaluate this year........but, I am still ticking, still gathering, still adoring time in the barn.

Over the weekend I did set up furniture in case I decide to offer a "pop up sale"  ~ a day I decide to just throw open the blue door at the top of the stairs and invite folks in.
Not sure if I will or not, but I set the stage, just in case the mood strikes.

For details on that blue door opening, 
be sure to "Like" the Meadowview Farm Facebook page to the right.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today I will be happy!

And I will....with a kitty sleeping at my feet,
another tucked under the blanket purring,
the sun shining outside, and a full day ahead~~
with no plans.

Today I will be happy!

Soon I will get up, oatmeal with pecans & raisins...
out to the hayloft with hopes to set up my own little
workshop ~~ a place to clean up vintage finds.

Today I will be happy!

Friday was a day off, Dave & I left early...our first
flea market of the new year in Minnesota.  Home 
with a full car, some to sell, some to keep.

Today I will be happy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I like to think of the artisans that created these
sweet bunnies in Germany, they knew "charm"!
Intended to hold candy, they are hollow, with little
bunny head "caps".  

They all are nearing 100 years of age...

The largest I found in a waste basket within the past few years.
A family closing out an estate, assuming value was only 
sentimental for this rabbit.  I asked if I could take her home.
The smallest I bought at auction for a very reasonable bid of $65!

Bunnies mean spring to me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a wish

I have this thing for vintage waxed Easter grass...
yes, a tad of an obsession.  I love to tuck it here & there for Easter.

I have been known to climb into dumpsters at auctions for this fab green stuff,
purchase it whenever I find it...
And once even made the following wish as I climbed the stairs of an antique mall,
"If I could find a bag of old Easter grass it would just make my day".
No lie, two booths after saying this wish aloud, what do I find on a shelf...
a bag labeled "bag of old Easter grass"! I am not kidding.

I have quite a list of things I adore,  and this is one of them.

Tucked into an ironstone bowl with eggs.....vintage Easter grass.

How about you, wacky obsession?  Come on, confess!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

losing my patience

I have tucked little nods to spring
here & there....through my home.

But just when it feels like it is here,
Mother Nature changes her mind.

So I pass Tundra Swans, stopping on their 
migration north to rest in a field...and robins
back & weary from flight.  And I want to 
say to them, "be patient", but I can't.

This never ending winter is just getting old.
Tonight we get snow, again.  Not as much as
our neighbors to the north & west, but enough
to make driving a head ache and make me want 
to just throw my hands in the air.

My spirit feels tired, my patience is worn thin.

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