Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out you go, like a lamb please...

I wanted to bid Adieu to March --
hoping it would leave as it arrived - like a lamb.
We had received enough "lion" in the middle of the month.

As I walked about my home for a fitting farewell picture,
I discovered
I have a thing for lambs!

Under glass...

On a tray...

On a shelf...

Tick Tock...
March, off you go...
please "baaa" on your way out.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at Auction

My supplies for an auction on a cold day like today:

Warmest mittens -- check
Double socks -- check
Sorels -- check
Coffee mug -- check
Auction number --check

Spending a Saturday at Auction!
How do you do an auction?
  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the auction start time to preview what is for sale.  You are buying it "as is" -- so know what you might be bidding on.  If there are "box lots" (a box of items sold together) take a look at what is in each box.
  2. Get your number -- for this, you will need your driver's license.  Check to see if there is any "buyer's fee" -- that is an additional amount/percentage you will pay if you win an item. 
  3. When an item comes up that you are interested in, plan how high you will go -- and jump in.  To place a bid - raise your number.  Once you make your initial "notice of intent" -- the auctioneer will follow your head nod or shake to see if you are still in it.  Most auctions move in $5.00 increments--and don't worry, scratching your head will not be considered a bid.
  4. If you win an item - write it down on your card -- that way you know how much you are spending --- easy to forget if you spend a bit of time at auction.  Generally they will give you the item right away to stash at your feet or near by.
So, what did we get?
Hint: see that galvanized container of signs in the middle of the picture -- that is at my feet.

Are you an Auction Aficionado?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Once again, waiting.

Walked up -- actually, I mean,
trudged up thru the snow
last night from the barn.
Inside my mittened hand I was counting how many months
of "yuk" we had lived thru this winter...
final count -- too many.

Watched a small flock of birds sitting in a tree near the feeder -
that stunned look on their little beaky faces.

So -- Spring -- sang your praises,
then you disappeared
stage door left.
And winter danced back in --
and not so gracefully, I might add.

Waiting, drumming my fingers
 & waiting.

Hard to be patient.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Little hints of spring -- some favorites...

Ironstone, vintage waxed Easter grass, eggs, birds, advertising cards

jars filled with tinsel & crystals, German rabbit candy containers, millinery, mirrors

sweet baskets, pocket watches, little whisk brooms

watering cans, suitcases, nests, books

So many favorites!
When a nest or an egg
or a flower is tucked in
 -- spring unfolds...

And my favorite...add vintage waxed Easter grass to anything -- Spring!!

I will end with a little story about a wish:
As I climbed the stairs to the second floor at the
Columbus Antique Mall in Wisconsin -- I wished aloud,
"If I could find a bag of old Easter grass, that would just make my day."
No kidding, third booth I went into, there was a
bag of vintage waxed Easter grass --
label read "Bag of old Easter grass".
Moral -- wishes come true
(or perhaps, use your wishes wisely)

**P.S. I will use Barb's idea for decorating --
I added all my spring stuff Sunday from my big green trunk...
now I will add bits & pieces of Easter,
a little each day from my two big containers in the basement. 
A little handful brought up the stairs
-- so I can relish each piece.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet spring - you're home...

Oh sweet sweet spring -
How we have waited for you...
Welcome home!

*I awoke to rain this morning - such a lovely sound.*
Today I will open the big green trunk in the living room
& out will come all the charming spring decorations.
It is time, actually -- it is about time.

Spring -- how you make me smile with anticipation.

What are you doing to ready for this new season?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Jani...

Sweet sweet snowdrops...in Jani's garden!

Welcome home sweet Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

lessons learned

So, here are some things I've learned at this farm:
  • A good pair of boots are essential
  • Hay is not the same as straw
  • Walking out to the barn can ease your mind
  • Pigeons love silos
  • The sky just seems larger
  • And the life of a barn cat is measured in months, not years....
Farewell Pumpkin -- we will miss your joy -- you were an exclamation mark.
You were Dave's most special boy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She takes my breath away...

Here she stands -- built in 1857 by Joseph Strader.
The front porch and widow's walk are since gone.
Still, she just takes my breath away.
My Meadowview Farm...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cozy up in our Den - home tour continues...

Just beyond our living room is our den.
A snugly place to watch t.v., read the paper
or look out to the bird feeder in the orchard.
To add to the natural warmth, I wallpapered the room in a green leafy print.
The sweet rabbit appears to be "late for an important date"...
actually he is a gift from my very first co-teacher, Nancy
 -- used to live in our classroom.

Come on in...
Our one major change to this room was to
remove a large closet that was not original to this 1857 house -
 it had been built to the right upon entering.

Curtains are from a quilt I split down the middle for the two den windows-
charming floor to ceiling windows -- cats love them so.
(second window that looks out to the apple orchard is to the left)
Couch matches one of the love seats in our living room.

Let me tell you about the wing chair...I was traveling
back from a flea market when I stumbled upon a citywide sale.
My car was already full, but for $35 --- I traveled the rest
of the way home from Minnesota to Wisconsin with this
fabulous wing chair hanging out of my trunk.
Little side table is from my childhood home.

One of our many desks is in the den.
Yes, we may only have one t.v. in this house
 -- but we do have lots of desks
(and lots of cozy chairs to curl up in too).
This desk is "built" from a table gifted to the farm from Sarah.
This is the "need a phone book, antique guide, quick pen & pencil desk".
Our official desk is in the Study upstairs.
The picnic baskets hold our video tapes & DVDs.

Here is a close up of the sweet set of drawers on top...
found at the Kane County Flea Market.
**Hint: I have learned to always ask if display pieces might be for sale at flea markets -
sometimes they are -- I have brought home some pretty cool ones...like this item.

The t.v. cabinet -- Pie Safe is a story onto itself.
Years ago, Dave & I were vacationing in Fish Creek -
in Door County Wisconsin.
A sweet little village with many sweet shops.
In one we found a pie safe -- that I loved, however, it didn't fit
our budget or our car.

One Saturday after that trip, Dave said he had an errand to run...
hours later, he arrived home with the pie safe -- a five hour round trip that
included his brother & his brother's truck.
I had my pie safe...another sweet gift.
It now holds our "vintage t.v." and of course, goodies.
It has punched tin stars on the side...
and the doors close to conceal the t.v.

**Now for some details**

The rug is another charming floral wool rug.
This one was found at auction -- bought two for $5.00.
The other is in our Study.
Love the faded colors -- and so sturdy!

Of course there are sweet vignettes...they always make me smile.

This wonderful sketch was also a flea market find...
tucked under a table.
It is by Carl Larsson, a Swedish artist, 
who was born about the time our home was built. 
A sketch of his family's home resembles our brick house & apple trees.
This is his daughter...

And, I simply adore these floral baskets...have seven in the Den.
When I find them in green, white or blue -- they are mine.

So, that is our cozy den...on the way out, notice the chair to the right...
from my mom.  Smile...

Next stop on the home tour...perhaps the laundry room...
it has a bit more red -- a step away from my beloved greens.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

no hurry

"Let the world go on without me...ain't in no hurry today." 
Zac Brown Band

Songs on, coffee waiting, time for reflection...my boys on a journey home.

Ian moves back to Madison today.
I'm bone tired from my first week at my new job (but loving it!)
-so I let them go alone
Just a dad & son traveling...my boys.

Time for me to reboot, reflect & "journal" a bit...while I listen to my guys:
James Taylor sings to me now, moments ago it was Zac again.

And then Beth reminds me...
"Only the ones who believe
Ever see what they dream
Ever dream what comes true."
Beth Nielsen Chapman

And James..."Even my own heart don't belong to me."
My heart travels back to Madison today.

And my heart waits for me as I stepped out my door at dawn.
We have dreams, and so does my boy.
Safe travels dear Ian.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming Soon - Spring Barn Sale 2011

Just a little note:
Getting ready...
for the Spring Barn Sale

We will again be opening the hayloft of our 100 year old Finnish Barn.
Shooshing out the birds, filling it up to the rafters!
Thinking aprons on the clothesline, pansies in little cups,
bunnies with garlands, an ode to Americana, French seed packets,
nests, potting shed delights, chicken feeders, wheelbarrows full of goodies,
jars of flowers ----
...my oh my -- mind is so full of ideas! 

Here's the scoop:
  • Date:  May 14 & 15, 2011
  • Hours:  Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 12-5  (no early sales)
  • Location:  Augusta, Wisconsin (click on Barn Sales under Chapters to right for directions)
New this year -- several discount opportunities:
  1. Follow this Blog and get your super secret passcode for savings right away on Saturday morning -- perhaps a secret hand shake, words...hmmm?!  To assure you get in on this, become a "Follower" and this will be sent right to you.
  2. From 2-5 on Saturday, items will be discounted by 20%.  Note...to be fair, items will not be held until this time. 
  3. All day Sunday (12-5), items will be discounted by 30% --- Wow!  Again, no lay-away until then.
  4. As always -- discounts are not cumulative -- in other words, only one discount applies depending upon when you shop.
My oh my --- let's get beyond all this rule stuff and get ready for Spring, fun and the May Barn Sale. 
Questions, thoughts, ideas...post here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hope - where are you?

If you could hear my voice carried on the wind,
it would be,
"Hope, Hope - where are you Hope?"

The irony of it -- calling out to hope,
looking for hope in the corners of a barn...
watching the sides of the road, praying to not find her there.

My Hope, my momma barn cat, has been missing since Saturday.
Her 5 babies are left wondering & waiting for her return.
This is the longest she has been away.

Hope, are you there?
Hope, will you return?
Hope...I am looking for you, waiting.
This time, I shed less tears...

You see, Hope arrived at our farm lost & lonely - afraid of human touch.
She left loved. 
And in the process she did gift us with...well, hope.

So, she is not gone, but tucked away in my heart & soul.
Hope will always have a home here.

Evening of 3/10 --- Addendum:
5 days away...and then there she was -- waiting in the barn, glad to be home
Hope springs eternal.
Hope is also likely "with child" -- thinking the gal was out on the town.
One more litter.
Ah, Hope -- can't live without her.
Glad to have that in my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow, snow go away...

Come again another day (next winter).

Little sweet spring reminder...

What is your first sign that spring is here?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Sweet Shop

Tipping a hat to a sweet surprise
around each corner
-- this is March at Meadowview Farm.

Hinting at the next season...

Sweet little buggy - found at a thrift sale sans handle-
such a lovely shade of green.

Under glass...certainly an Irish Setter.

So -- I have been mulling over starting an Etsy Shop
...selling some "sweets".
Thoughts?  Suggestions? 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

May the wind be always at your back...

When I was but a wee lass...
my family took a vacation in the Dakotas.
We stayed at a little motel in Deadwood...the Blarney Stone I believe.
And there on the wall was this Irish blessing:

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hands.

As a young child, I fell in love with these words.
Perhaps, as my maiden name is "Wind", I thought it was
cool that we would have people's backs.
don't really know
Just loved it.

And so, this wee bit older lass loves that St. Patrick's Day
comes in the middle of March.
It feels like a celebration mixed with
blessings, faith, joy, & honor...with a sprinkle of hope.
just when we need this most

It reminds me of the benediction we would receive at the end of church...
as a child I always felt I should tip my head to receive it.
Granted, I grew up in the Presbyterian faith --
but Scotland is close
enough to Ireland...I do believe.

So, tip your head if you want...
and may the wind always be at your back.

For you, is it:
green beer, green eggs & ham or green blessings?
Do you celebrate this "holiday"?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"In the depth of winter,
I have finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer."
Albert Camus

My thanks to Nan for finding this quote
...it spoke to me - as it spoke to her.

I grew up on Healy Lane in Monona, Wisconsin. 
As snow began to melt, 
we would check that certain spot in the garden where
the Snow Drops would bloom - a sure sign of spring.
In my heart, I am checking there each day...
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