Saturday, March 12, 2011

no hurry

"Let the world go on without me...ain't in no hurry today." 
Zac Brown Band

Songs on, coffee waiting, time for boys on a journey home.

Ian moves back to Madison today.
I'm bone tired from my first week at my new job (but loving it!)
-so I let them go alone
Just a dad & son boys.

Time for me to reboot, reflect & "journal" a bit...while I listen to my guys:
James Taylor sings to me now, moments ago it was Zac again.

And then Beth reminds me...
"Only the ones who believe
Ever see what they dream
Ever dream what comes true."
Beth Nielsen Chapman

And James..."Even my own heart don't belong to me."
My heart travels back to Madison today.

And my heart waits for me as I stepped out my door at dawn.
We have dreams, and so does my boy.
Safe travels dear Ian.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

A P.S.

It was a year ago that Ian and 6 room-mates on the UW Eau Claire campus awoke to knocking on their door. A sheriff arrived to tell them how one of their roommates, Kyle, had fallen from a balcony in the early morning hours. The boys all said good bye to Kyle that day at the hospital -- he passed away that day when his brave family removed life support. That day, those boys also said good bye in many ways to their youth.

This morning, Josh (one of those original roommates) traveled back to Eau Claire from his job in Milwaukee to see Ian before the U-haul left...hours on the road for a 3-minute hug. These boys that traveled together thru hockey & soccer & school & grief & joy too...journeying on again.

This is a big day in many ways...
And, I am proud of these boys, these can I not be.


Barb said...

Lovely post....I am sending you a virtual hug. {{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}
Have a wonderful, peace-filled day.

My lovely daughter is coming to do some homework on our computer (for some reason this old jalopy does something her new sleek model can't us "oldsters" hope! :O) ) So I will bask in her glow whilst I wash llama wool and spin my llama/angora blend.


Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

Hi Kari,
We just returned from Arkansas, and i wanted to check in with you as to your next barn sale. I hope you still have my goodies set aside for me to get!!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Barb -- I so felt your kind thoughts & your hug -- thanks.

Lisa -- Yes, I have a bag of goodies tucked away for you. If I remember when I am next at Columbus, I may tuck the bag in a little corner of your booth with a note -- if not, it is safely here.
Welcome back to Wisconsin -- we missed you!


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Ian returned to Eau Claire for the weekend -- met him for lunch Monday...then off he flew. My little bird, leaving the nest -- this new one that we all built in the Chippewa Valley. With hugs & "I love you"...he left. First time on his total own -- no roommates, girlfriend in a different city, family hours away. As I know this is life, and parents do this all the time -- this is my little life -- and my sweet boy -- and these first times are big times, hard times, bittersweet times -- but our times.

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

Thanks Kari!!

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