Thursday, March 24, 2011

Once again, waiting.

Walked up -- actually, I mean,
trudged up thru the snow
last night from the barn.
Inside my mittened hand I was counting how many months
of "yuk" we had lived thru this winter...
final count -- too many.

Watched a small flock of birds sitting in a tree near the feeder -
that stunned look on their little beaky faces.

So -- Spring -- sang your praises,
then you disappeared
stage door left.
And winter danced back in --
and not so gracefully, I might add.

Waiting, drumming my fingers
 & waiting.

Hard to be patient.


Barb said...

Deep sigh.........

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

At least you put it into poetic words. My reaction was a little more, um, unpoetic.

The waiting room sign is perfect.

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