Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Kitten Request!

Kitten Pictures, please! 

The babies are now almost 3 months old.

**Cindy...these are for you & your Aunt.....Enjoy!**

Sleeping spot of choice - Shadow in the bike basket.

Pumpkin being, well, pumpkin-y!

A wagon of kittens -
left to right:  Chippewa, Shadow, Whisper

Hope, the mom cat, widens their realm each week.  They "play an area" until they know it. 

I love the names of pets -- do share yours!


kippy said...

Our 13 year old tabby cat is named Pesto Uncle Jimmy. She has green eyes the color of pesto and Uncle Jimmy was a beloved family friend.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

My 6-year old small black kitty is Sophia Sista, my enormous 1-year old grey & white Maine Coon "kitten" is named Josie Legacy, and the 10-year old Sheltie's name is Murphy, although I am known to frequently call him Putz.

Jani said...

My favorites from years and pets of the past are:
Crouton- a golden hamster
Piccolo - a little yellow canary

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Hickory was the first cat Dave & I had...loved him so. His name was a promise I had made to Claire, a 4year old in one of my first nursery school classes. Promises are for keeping.

I believe I may need to name one of my dear hearts "Promise" some day.


Chic Cottage Junk said...

Kari - we so love watching your babies grow up! We have a five-year old black furry long tailed "Gracie. By the Grace of God, I met my soul-mate husband five years ago. I named our kitty before we even got her. Funny, though, we don't even call her Gracie - she is Tink! She has the most unique cat (SSSShhhhh - she doesn't know that she is a cat...) personality that I have ever met. She was just diagnosed with asthma on Friday, so she is going to need a little special attention and meds from now on....

Thanks for sharing!


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