Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be Still My Heart...

Whisper     Shadow     Pumpkin     Chippewa

8 weeks old
Born in a barn
Hope is their mother

I begin & end my day with their wonder. 
All is new & fresh in their eyes.
Each moment is pure & sweet.
If I could purr - I would.


Jani said...

Don't tell the dogs...... but a picture like that could make me person!

Nan said...

Kari, That picture made my day!
Jani, I'm shocked!!!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Jani & Nan...
Aren't they just too sweet for words? And their antics...they have taken to sleeping in a bike basket or curled up in the straw. Even the goats look for them.

Jani said...

These are going to be the most pampered barn cats in the world! They are just adorable!

Kudzu said...

awww, i love how new kittens feel so soft. born in a barn, their mama will be bringing them 'presents' soon; then one day they'll be bringing them to you!

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