Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pack your bags - Vintage with a Purpose #4

Need extra storage...pack them and stack them!
I especially love these old woven suitcases with leather straps. 
Here they are tucked under a corner table...sometimes they are at the end of the couch for a side table.

How do you use vintage finds for storage?


Diane said...

Kari, I too have some old suitcases. They are great for holding my Daughter's grade school art projects and assorted keepsakes. And you would be suprised what you can stash in an old green enamel cook stove with the warming oven on top. Open one door for display, keep one closed to hide things from sight. Love Love Love tin picnic baskets and bread boxes. Stack em up and store what ever. Diane

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh yes, tin picnic baskets -- great storage (and great colors). I use one of these for my "Winter travel kit" in the trunk of my car.

And the green enamel cook stove -- sweet and purposeful -- lucky you!!

Jani said...

Metal picnic basket holds CD's, vintage hat boxes hold art and craft supplies, metal lunch pails store cookie cutters and red wing crocks hold my magazines.

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