Saturday, July 24, 2010

Under Glass - the magic of cloches.

In a recent comment, Cheryl mentioned her affinity for cloches.  I couldn't agree more.  On my "I adore list" would definitely be the cloche!  These glass domes elevate any item to magical grandeur.  They originally were used in the garden for fragile seedlings in early spring -- (I have a vintage cloche -- thick walled & bubbled glass pictured below.)  Now you can find reproductions -- like this one to the right.  And, as Cheryl mentioned, glass cheese domes can be repurposed as little cloches too.
This cloche is large - holding a series of vintage floral boxes topped by a clock. 
And look at the base -- an old clock face!

Here is that same dome -- only over my basket of doves. 
I like to switch these out by holiday & season.  Yes, soon a pumpkin will be under glass. 

This little sweetie is an etched cheese dome "married" to a German tart pan ...holding two German creche sheep....of course!   Sweet, sweet, sweet!!  Pure innocence & magic!

This vintage bell dome has such thick bubbly glass that it was difficult to photograph.  Within is a basket, vintage lace and a string ball.....all again on an old clock face.  (If I took the time to wind a string ball, I would want it under glass too.)

Finally - though not old -- there is something So Charming about this painted cloche/case.  I keep two of my beloved Bluebird cups within.....Oh, look to the left -- there is the little sheep dome on the shelf.

Magical - simply magical.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Dave & I went to see Sugarland last night -- CountryJam --- a first for us.

We snaked down to the bottom of this valley, river to our left. Sitting under the full moon, not a raindrop in the air. Rows of lawn chairs, smiles, laughter. People were happy.

We sat & listened under this giant cloche of a night sky. At almost midnight, they lifted the dome and all the magical moments lifted to the fireflies.

"Let go, laughing..."


Diane said...

I bought a cheese dome in early spring for 50 cents but hadn't really used it until just this past week when at Goodwill I spotted a pair of candlesticks and a nut cup attached to a plate in that perfect aged silver finish. All for less than $4.00. Flipped the nut dish over and it became the perfect pedestal for my cheese dome turned cloche. Inside a small pink bowl filled with old carded buttons. Topping the candlesticks, small vine balls. Along with a vintage hankie with pink flowers tucked into my small white stoneware pitcher and to make it even better.... a small demi cup with delicate pink flowers sitting on an aged silver sherbert dish also turned upside down to create a pedestal. Love my new/old dining room table centerpiece.....

Artful Gathering said...

Oh how I love the cloches. I have new ones. No old ones. Never even see them when I'm out and about.
Thanks for the lovely photos of your collections.. inspiring

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