Sunday, July 11, 2010

Give-away! Barn Sale Count Down!

My FIRST Give-Away!
This little Ironstone Pitcher is looking for a new home -- YOURS?!

In honor of my FIRST Barn Sale on October 9 & 10
(details at bottom of post)
I am beginning my own little count down --
complete with give-aways at each step.

***To enter this give-away -- just post a comment.
(no need to attend Barn Sale to win...item will be sent to you,
I will post winning name with my email so you can send me your address)

***To enter this give-away a second time -- add/link me to your "Favorites" on your Blog - and let me know you did with a second comment & your blog address.

Give-Away will close at midnight on Sunday, July 18th.
I will post the winner right here on Monday, July 19th.

Sneak Peak of the Barn Sale progress...
Stairs are going up to the hay loft in our 100 year old barn.
Electrician arriving end of the month.
Signs ordered from my favorite Minnesota Artist, Susan.
Currently TWO FULL Barn Stalls awaiting unloading!

Barn Sale:  Saturday & Sunday
October 9 & 10
(no early sales)

Country Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin
**Watch for signs

Keep checking back for updates and more
Count Down Give-aways!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your "give away". I wish I could be at your sale but good luck and may the "junk gods" look down on you and smile.


Mona Kay Gorman said...

If only New Jersey were closer to Wisconsin!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the giveaway, and GOOD LUCK on the sale!!

Artful Gathering said...

Kari, I will be at your barn sale and will bring as many gals as I can round up. I have been putting the word out. If you want me to I can put up flyers around the area? Just email me the flyer and I'll pass them out and put them up for you.... Just a thought. Hope your Sunday is great! I love the pitcher.. thanks for the chance to win... Dawn

Diane said...

Kari I can't wait, it is on my calendar in ink not just pencil so you know that means it's serious!!
The bigger question is do I bring someone along and risk them snatching up the good junk I want or coming alone??? Decisions Decisions

Jill said...

Kari, your barn and the sale sound like great fun! We have a barn that's teal and I keep thinking we should have a sale there and call it the "Teal Barn Sale" I know... teal?! but that's what it is and we aren't painting in the near future. I came over from the JR site.

Leveta said...

Well hope this works...Please enter me in your give a way... And I wayyyyy love your barn...My heart is about to burst for you...I can see bigger things ahead for you girl...

meeyeehere said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I were with you instead of being in ole Mississippi! LOvely!

DaisyToad said...

I am in ENVY of your barn!! Looks like we are on the same path, my opening weekend is Oct 1, but I don't have the GORGEOUS barn!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Congrats on the new venture! I can't wait to see photos of the types of items you will have for sale!

Chic Cottage Junk said...

Kari - I have barn ENVY! I love shooting pictures of old barns and I've been know to go out with my camera for a mental health day for doing just that!

I wish you baskets of luck for your upcoming occasional barn sale! Oh, yeah, and winning your sweet ironstone piece wouldn't be all that bad either!


Beryl Lynn said...

That little pitcher would look AWESOME in my hutch! I'm so jealous of your big red barn and I wish we lived close so I could go to the sale..... but we live in Florida :/

kippy said...

Enter me in the giveaway please! We live too far away to attend the barn sale.

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