Monday, July 5, 2010

American Honey

Summertime -- and American Honey! 
(lyrics from Lady Antebellum of course)

So, my American Honey, my summertime sweet shop must include favorites from my many collections:

Rabbits, mirrors, whisk brooms with velvet topped handles.

Rag balls, jars, bird cages, cookie cutters, picnic tins, store price labels.

Cake stands, clocks, Ironstone, nests, shutters, mirrors.

Cows, print letters, child's toys, blocks, millinery, cigar boxes.

American Honey!!

What is your American Honey --
what is in your summer "sweet shop"?


Jani said...

My "Summer Scavenger Sampler" includes a birch branch with a little, perfect, fallen finch nest, nestled against it is a large half clam shell from the Wisconsin River, full of naturally polished Lake Michigan rocks, a small piece of smooth lake Superior driftwood and a big shiney black feather. Nature, as it came to me.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I can hear the calm of your sampler...only you!

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