Friday, September 30, 2011

Here we go - again...

I must must must start this post with the fact that
the Barn Sale is right around the corner....
October 8 & 9!
And, all the information you need to know about it
is in the following post -- or under "Barn Sales" to the right.

It is indeed a bright spot on our horizon,
and we look forward to meeting all that attend.

However, part of the here we go again has to do with
the call I got on Thursday afternoon at my office from Dave.
It began with "You had better sit down."

Seems the north winds that were reaching gusts of 40-60 mph on Thursday
took down our gigantic cottonwood tree along our driveway.
Our neighbor, Rodney, saw it literally "blow up" at the midpoint,
scattering enormous limbs everywhere.
County Road R was closed down for several hours as they dealt with debris
and a downed power line.

We will be cleaning up for some time...
those of you that attend the sale will be able to see first hand the
volume and magnitude of this tree--
it was the eagle tree, likely over 100 years old -
one of the tallest vantage points in the area.

Our immediate thanks goes to:
Neighbor Rodney for clearing our driveway before we got home.
Dale, our electrician, who worked from the call he received at 4:45 until 9:45
to restore our power (the tree tore the electrical box right off the house).
My Ian, for hopping in his car & driving home 2.5 hours to help in the aftermath.
Ian's friend, Brad, for working after dark to begin to clear the area around the house.
And the crew from the electrical company who came out against company orders at
9:30 p.m. to restring the power line from the road to the house saying that
 "no farm will be without power overnight."

Yes, here we go - again...

Please do not worry, if you attend the Barn Sale, we will not make you cut wood -
although you are welcome to take a souvenir branch home with you.
(insert tired smile here)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The clock it is a ticking...

Counting the days until the Autumn Barn Sale 2011
and wanting to invite you!

October 8 & 9
Saturday:  9-5
Sunday:  12-5
(sorry -- no early sales)

Featuring Antiques & Vintage Finds
Special Discounts: 
20% off from 2-5 on Saturday
30% off on Sunday

And if you say "Carving Pumpkins" you will get 10% off from 9-2 on Saturday!

Join us at Meadowview Farm in Augusta, Wisconsin.
S13181 County Road R

Other events in the area that weekend:

Hixton Antique Mall will be holding their last Flea Market of the Year that weekend
(20 minutes south of farm)

The Foster Cheese Haus will be hosting Beer-Tasting & Live Music from 2-4 on Saturday
(10 minutes north of farm)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marmie & me

At the end of many days I could be found sitting on the stoop of the barn door,
an orange kitty in my lap - purring, ever purring.
I would say to him, "no one in the world knows we are here except Marmie & me."
And we would sit.
All my woes would be gone.
The day's concerns would evaporate in that moment.
It would be just Marmalade and me.
Two old souls, connected.
A would be farmer and a barn cat.

Tonight I sit alone,
my Marmie buried behind the barn...
ever near the barn he loved so much,
the family he cared so deeply for,
the stoop we came to know.

I will miss those moments when it was
just Marmie & me...
for he was not just a barn cat, he was my barn cat.

May his memory be for a blessing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Junk Bonanza

If I might put all my memories in little compartments...
like the tins I saw
at the show on Friday, they might include:
  • Meeting & chatting with Ki - the show's founder,  she truly makes you feel like the one & only (in a crowd of thousands).
  • Sharing hugs with many of the folks on my "Places I like to Visit" blog list. - wow, these are my mentors, inspiration points, gurus! 
  • Seeing friends, out on "the hunt" too.
  • Finding treasures - some to keep, some to share.

Here's a little peak inside Friday at Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota.

To find out about the Junk Bonanza click here

I must add one final little note...
This past week I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease -
seems I had a tussle with a teeny tiny deer tick, and it won.
I have been so very exhausted lately, and now know why.
So -- I awoke on Friday, had the day to go to Junk Bonanza,
but couldn't quite imagine the 4 hour round trip drive.
So, my Dave, ever my junk partner - offered to get me there & home.
Now, mind you, men are the minority at Junk Bonanza --
so I was a bit concerned about what he might do for the time I was there.
Well, we got there, Dave loved it! -- even found several
fishing items that were keepers.
At one point I am quite certain he even may have "ditched" me.

smile, smile, smile
fun day

Did you get to Junk Bonanza?

Monday, September 12, 2011


17% up this year -- that is what they say about apple production.  And, one look at our little orchard confirms this.  Several of our trees have branches so laden with apples, we have to prop them with "I mean business" pieces of wood.  Mowing the orchard under heavy branches becomes a riding mower version of doing the Limbo.  And just keeping up with the tree fall apples takes care of any need for toe touches or squats. 
All of our tree fall apples are taken in wheelbarrows to the edge of our driveway - they become our community donation.  Given to an Elk Reserve, a chicken farmer, a pie maker, or for the deer.  It is with a mix of joy & pride that we watch a car or truck stop at the end of our farm drive to take apples in the boxes, bags or truck bed that awaits.  They wave with a "thanks"...for our apples.

Do you look forward to orchard fresh apples
 at this time of the year?

Sunday, September 11, 2011


If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his next again,
I shall not live in vain.
Emily Dickinson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Red Barn

By the big red barn in the great green field...

How often had I read Big Red Barn by
Margaret Wise Brown as a nursery school teacher & a parent...
never quite imagining that I would open my back door
one day so many years later to this view.

Never quite imagining that I would live the lessons of the Big Red Barn...
those icons that still dot our countryside, but are also aging & leaving us.
The lessons taught in a barn about life & loss,
about stoic strength,
about something so pure & genuine it can make your heart hurt.

I never quite imagined that I would come to know so well:
  •  the feel of a barn door, as you pull it along the track
  • the majesty of the hand built construction
  • and the genuine, sincere warmth that awaits within
Just last week Dave shared with me that his favorite walk
 was from our house to the barn.
To our Big Red Barn -- the heart of the farm.
A sanctuary - our sanctuary.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And the sign said...

We have a new sign for our farm -- picked it up on Saturday.  No, not the big "ANTIQUES" -- but the sweet "Meadowview Farm" below.  Our former sign will now go up on our barn near our hayloft/Barn Sale door.

Here is the artist -- Susan Envey of Annandale, Minnesota with our new sign at our pick up spot - Buffalo Nickel.  Susan sells her handpainted furniture there (tis where we discovered her).  Susan is wonderful to work with, and custom designs to your liking.  If you would like her contact information, let me know in a comment or an email.  

We have had Susan paint many signs for our farm & Barn Sale and also sweet chairs that tell the story of our farm for our kitchen.  I love the whimsy of her work -- sweet & charming.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I am quite tickled, actually blushing just a bit...
We are pleased to be featured in the Chippewa Valley's Hidden Treasures - Autumn Edition
available online by clicking here

Lori, the founder of Hidden Treasures, shares the story of our arrival to Augusta, the finding of our farm in 2006 and our move to the beautiful Chippewa Valley in 2007.  It shares information about our biannual Barn Sales.    I feel especially honored as Hidden Treasures was my map to this amazing area when we first moved.  To be now featured, truly a dream come true.  Thanks, Lori!

All reminds me again of the words of my girl, Tracy Porter...
"Dream with your eyes open".  We are trying!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Opening the door -- Autumn Barn Sale 2011

Count down -- a bit over one month to our Autumn Barn Sale.
October 8 & 9
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-5
Augusta, Wisconsin
Door is almost ready to open!
Happy Sunflowers -- our Barn Sale Logo!
Chicken coop/potting shed -- barn in background.
See that open door - getting ready!

For all the Barn Sale details, click on
"Barn Sales" under Chapters to right.
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