Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dirt under my nails = vacation!

I am on vacation...Yea!
First week off since last July,
unless you count medical leave, which I don't.

My goal is to take each day & let it just unfold.
Definitely some antiquing.
Definitely some rest & relaxation...picture me on my deck.
Definitely some gardening.

Watering cans & benches are a must have!
Rakes on barnboard with a trailing vine, 
day lilies....perfect.

Little concrete frog I found at a recent thrift sale for fifty cents,
forget-me-nots and other herbs return.

Hens & chicks in a chicken feeding trough & hosta.

Bird houses, milk cans, pansies are most welcome.

Today I head to a local nursery on a nearby Amish farm.
Will add some tomato plants, and a few annuals.
Sunflower & pumpkin seeds to plant.
The morning rain has moistened my gardens....
Here I come!

Monday, May 26, 2014

more, more, more

Rebooted my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall!
Lots of vintage gardening and red, white & blue...

For all the details, pop over to the right, under "Chapters"!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

little finds

We traveled north on Saturday, following every thrift sale sign.
Such fun to travel back country roads, arriving at a garage with tables full.
A one & a half hour trip to our cabin took us half a day.

I found this sweet Ironstone pitcher for $2 and little blue book for several quarters.
Added to a yellow bench I could not leave a recent flea market without...
and several patriotic bottles I had tucked away, a little Memorial Day vignette unfolds.

Later today, I will tote a car full of vintage finds to the Hixton Antique Mall.
Seems a front entry display & case redo with a red, white & blue focus is in the stars.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sweet success

August Rose has been an indoor cat for one year this month.
And, I can report, it has been a successful year.

My wish for her when she unwillingly left the barn, 
was that living in a house would be O.K.
Hard to compete with trees to climb in, fields & streams
to play in, multiple kittens to hang out with.
But recovering from a car hitting her, sealed her fate.
Rosie would be too vulnerable to make it outside again.

My wish was for her to be happy, to be content.
She has acclimated so well with our two older boy cats.
She snuggles, plays, finds windows to watch from....
And when a recent barn cat spotted her in the window, and came to visit - 
she ran to us for safety.

It may feel insignificant to relish a little kitten as much as I do Rosie,
but she represents success.  She has delivered me through a tough year,
she represents answered wishes, grateful prayer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

give me lace

Been a bit under the weather since Sunday...
finally awoke in the wee hours with a clear head, head ache gone.
Decided to just be in the moment, kittens at my feet,
fan slowly "purring" overhead, quiet quiet quiet outside.

Everything looks better when you feel better...I have found this truth time & again.
And as I thought about that, I turned to my right, to my sweet bedside lamp.
I had covered a plain white shade with layers of vintage lace...
topped with two necklaces I purchased last fall from a vendor on Etsy.
One says "sacred", one says "whole".  Two words I ponder.

In the darkness, this sweet light provides me with inspiration.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

happy day

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2014

so lucky

Today I had off, having hit a 40 hour+ work week last evening.
I had the day ahead of me with a citywide sale in nearby Strum.
Coffee in hand, cash in my pocket and raincoat on, I was out the door just before 8.

My pulse quickened as I neared my turn and saw the first thrift sale sign...
a familiar garage that is always my first stop.  Filled with tables of vintage goodness,
I walked the space several times, sharing stories with the home owner as if we had not weathered a whole year~~but had just seen each other the day before.  My favorite find, a vintage child's bluebird dish for a quarter!  I collect these dishes, one by one, wherever they find  me!   I felt lucky!

My next stop was another familiar garage, folks that have supported me and my Barn Sale over the years.  They welcomed me with sweet hugs, and asked after my health.  Such dear dear people.  I felt lucky!

Several stops later, my blue Ford Focus was filled to the brim: vintage feedsack fabric, a sun dial, sweet china~including Lemoges from France, worn garden tools, an early child's whicker rocker....
My first citywide was less than ten stops, but was successful.  Indeed I was lucky!

Home to see Dave off for opening day of fishing, an hour of picking up sticks in the yard with the help of three kittens, a bit of time in the hayloft and then a rainy afternoon with popcorn and a movie. 

And if things could not get any better, a letter arrives from Nan, who has blessed me with a thoughtful handmade card EVERY week since the year began.  In the letter was a story from Michael Perry's newest book of essays, From The Top.  My eyes got "all shiny" as I read it.  I am lucky!

On this rainy, dreary day, with hair humidified, I awoke with a choice.  Today I choose to count my blessings and remind myself how fortunate I am.  Lucky indeed!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day

Each year I think this will be the year!
I will make sweet paper cones full of flowers, hung on the back of chairs at work.
I will plant teacups with sweet pansies and surprise neighbors at their door.

Then May 1 arrives and ends.....and I make an oath that next year will be the year.

I still adore this first day of May. 
I adore the idea of May poles and May baskets!

So do picture this sweet little pitcher filled with daisies...
and take this wish for the happiest of May Days.
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