Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sweet success

August Rose has been an indoor cat for one year this month.
And, I can report, it has been a successful year.

My wish for her when she unwillingly left the barn, 
was that living in a house would be O.K.
Hard to compete with trees to climb in, fields & streams
to play in, multiple kittens to hang out with.
But recovering from a car hitting her, sealed her fate.
Rosie would be too vulnerable to make it outside again.

My wish was for her to be happy, to be content.
She has acclimated so well with our two older boy cats.
She snuggles, plays, finds windows to watch from....
And when a recent barn cat spotted her in the window, and came to visit - 
she ran to us for safety.

It may feel insignificant to relish a little kitten as much as I do Rosie,
but she represents success.  She has delivered me through a tough year,
she represents answered wishes, grateful prayer.


Barb said...

Awww....Sweet Rosie. Most of all she has known unconditional love this past year. Give her a hug for me. :O)

kimmykats said...

They always offer so much comfort. Mine get to be in/out...I always sleep better when Oreo chooses to sleep inside with me at night.....

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