Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dirt under my nails = vacation!

I am on vacation...Yea!
First week off since last July,
unless you count medical leave, which I don't.

My goal is to take each day & let it just unfold.
Definitely some antiquing.
Definitely some rest & relaxation...picture me on my deck.
Definitely some gardening.

Watering cans & benches are a must have!
Rakes on barnboard with a trailing vine, 
day lilies....perfect.

Little concrete frog I found at a recent thrift sale for fifty cents,
forget-me-nots and other herbs return.

Hens & chicks in a chicken feeding trough & hosta.

Bird houses, milk cans, pansies are most welcome.

Today I head to a local nursery on a nearby Amish farm.
Will add some tomato plants, and a few annuals.
Sunflower & pumpkin seeds to plant.
The morning rain has moistened my gardens....
Here I come!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Have a wonderful time of renewal!

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