Sunday, July 26, 2015

sweet moments

How often I wish I could capture those times in life, put them in their
own sweet box, under their very own cloche.  A morning with wrens
singing outside, kittens napping here & there, quiet except for nature,
and time for reflection.  Sweet, precious moments...

Friday, July 17, 2015

ever more

This is the country road I travel from our farm to my office in Eau Claire.
I have grown to cherish the fields I pass, the barns, the woods...

They are all part of my Township of Otter Creek, and they speak
to me the quiet language of rural life.  There is such a purity in their words.
Even the bales of hay repeat, "live gently on this earth".

And so soon I will sit at the table in our one room town hall, a member of a 
Land Use Committee...and I will help to put the words on paper to
protect this land, to save it for farming for generations to come.  

Although I arrived later in life to this countryside, I believe it had
called to me.  I hope I can find the right words to protect her, to 
sanctify her beauty, to keep her rural roots.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the tale of a coyote & a mother tiger

If you look...slightly to the right of our farmhouse, right there in the driveway, you will see my Whisper Annie heading back to the barn. This was the day Matt & Caroline visited and they photographed my little 6 year old barn cat ~~ mostly because she was just so friendly.  She was my oldest kitten born on our farm...outliving the 5 year average mortality rate for female barn cats (males only average several years).   She was a sweet, independent girl - princess at this farm.  She often spent nights on our porch, one of only two outdoor cats allowed on.  We had debated bringing her in after our boy cats passed away, but knew she would fight with Rosie...and knew she would crave her freedom.  So, we took our chances.  Two days after this picture was taken in mid-June, she disappeared, without a trace, just gone.

But the wren knew, she chattered near the corn crib, telling us tales of alarm.  Our minds traveled to so many possibilities, but in the end, we guessed it was the work of a coyote...the wren told us as much as she danced over droppings in the yard.  And Tuesday, as I watered plants, again I found droppings.  So coyote ~~  I venture to share that you may have met your match ~ when you mess with "my flock" ~ you mess with me.  Lights were lit about the farm last night...and we also learned that coyotes dislike talk radio (of course they do-such are the analogies of life) we broadcast WPR all night from our deck.  We have a new fence around our pasture and a hunting rifle at the ready.  

This may have started with a whisper, but it will end with fury.  
I do not have patience for such evil.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

with a Whisper

And in the quiet of a summer day, my first-born girl kitten at the farm is gone. This is
one of those extra difficult losses, because she just never came home.  So we search 
& call for her, we check outbuildings & treetops.  Over the 6 years Annie 
gifted us with her sweet ways, we knew this day would come.  Such is the life of a barn cat.

Whisper are missed!  May her memory be for a blessing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thanks dear Robin!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch surprised me today with the kindest post about my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall!

You can find her here:  Robin at The Primitive Hutch

                      Thanks, thanks, thanks dear Robin!

Friday, June 19, 2015

kitten view

Lucy Lily has now been home for a month.
August Rose has accepted her with such joy.

Rosie & Lucy ~~~ my girls!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

special find

In recent years, we seem to have found our share of very special
vintageness!  It really shows that wonderful items are out there if you
just look.

This 1892 Herbarium is one of my special finds!  I found it tucked away on
a table at a thrift shop....paid no more than a couple of dollars for it.

To many, it may not look like much....but tucked inside are catalogued
botany samples from the late 1800's.

I was amazed to find it still intact...and treasure it.

I will share about a Planetarium Globe we just found in another post.  We
are awaiting word on a potential buyer from a national market.
Our Antique Mall noted that it was really too unique & valuable a find
to sell it there!  

Pieces of history...found!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Friday was my first auction of the nearby Brackett.
The auction was at a charming hobby farm, dispersing almost
90 years of an estate.  The skies were blue, the bidders & auction
folks were amicable. I sat under a shade tree enjoying every moment.

Dave & I bid & won quite a few items.  My favorite find is
the Eau Claire County Plat Map.  I liked it for the vintage
graphics and the color.  Little did I know that it showed the
county sectioned by farms....and there was our farm.  We
guess that the map was in an Agriculture Office--and is from
the 1930s-1950s based upon the roads.

This is a keeper and brought many other bidders over to look 
closer.  Not a bad find for $25.00!

It found a home in our upstair's Study.  
I think it was meant to come home with us!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

the princess & the pea...

               This is how they steal your heart!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

that question...


I had to actually go back and count exactly how many times
we have opened that blue door at the top of the stairs & invited folks
into our 100+ year old hayloft for a Barn Sale.  I remember thinking 
that this would be a fun adventure...and each year it grew, with a line
that awaited the opening of that door at our last sale in October of 
2013.  Never did I imagine that it would take six of us to run the sale
the first morning.  Needless to say, it surpassed all my hopes!

I would guess that you have a pretty good idea of the time it 
takes to ready for a sale.  Certainly it is a labor of love, but it 
does require time.  And between my health and now a job change, 
time is a luxury!

A week does not pass without someone kindly asking if we will again host 
a Barn Sale.  And as much as I want to answer with an enthusiastic "yes"~~
the truth is I am not sure.

This remains the place where I will share any Barn Sale updates.
Thanks for asking...and for your gracious support.

Friday, May 22, 2015

meet Lucy...

Fine, I am admitting to truly being a certified crazy cat lady...
there are worse things to be & vices to have.

So meet Lucy Lily...adopted from the Eau Claire Humane Society 
just this afternoon.  She is 2 months old--with a purr, but no meow.
Rosie cannot believe my indignation, bringing this little being into
her home.  But I know that my Rosie is lonely since Shawnee passed on.
She will eventually be quite O.K. With this change.

As for me, I am over the moon in love with this sweetie.  The
litter she was from were all named after some sort of Beatle's 
connections...Harrison, Yoko, and of course my little girl - 
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds".

I imagine I will spend a good portion of my weekend with this 
sweetie...lucky me!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

been busy

We filled a dumpster last weekend~ cleaning out our barn,
corn crib and pulling up carpeting in the house.  Then it was on
to spring cleaning...touching everything in the study, living room,
t.v. room, dining room and today our bedroom.  What I didn't feel I 
need went in a bin for Goodwill or my basket to sell at the Hixton 
Antique Mall.  

The dining room has the biggest change, with a wool area rug brought
down from the study.  The room has one cranberry wallpapered wall...and
highlights the Wattsware pitchers from my mom.

The quilt on the table came home from a recent buying trip to
Minnesota ~ I thought I would tuck it away for next Christmas...
but I rather like the colors now.

I gathered greens & raspberry & brought them all to rest
in this room for summer.  It all feels rather festive!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today I put our home back unlikely plan for
Mother's Day ~ but one I relish all the same.  The dining
room, living room & study are all on my list.  I will touch each
item deciding to keep or store away or maybe sell.  Rooms 
will become nests, and just like the busy bluebirds & wrens & 
sparrows at our farm ~ I will feather them.

Yesterday was a busy day, as we filled a dumpster, cleaning out
the corn crib and barn...pulling out carpeting in the house.  We 
ended the day at the Hixton Antique Mall at midnight ~ unloading
a car full of stuff.  Today I continue.

Dave is working, Ian began my day with a the day is mine.
I feel like a bird in flight ~ on a path to finding just the right nesting
material.  Swooping here and there, readying my nest for summer.

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