Saturday, January 31, 2015

seeking insight

I recently found this blue trunk in the back corner of a 
Thrift is child's size, 25 inches by 14 inches by 
14 inches.  It is domed with the wooden safe box & cover
still inside.  It has wonderful straps and was trimmed in
tin on the edges where there was extra wear.  The handles
are gone on the side, worn with time.  The key hole is there,
but no key.  I was told it is Swedish...guessing it was for

Any insight would be greatly appreciated...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

scatter me like milkweed

"We haven't talked about this in awhile.", was how Dave began
our conversation last night as we drove home.  We went on to talk
about where our final "some day" resting place would be.  Likely
not a conversation many of us have, but an important one to put
in words.  As you get older, or when you travel through major illness,
you think about these things.

As we have an animal cemetery behind our barn,
I, too, wish to stay at this farm.
So scatter me to the wind,
plant my soul in the meadow,
and let the sparrows & bluebirds sing poetry.

          Photo credit via.  Words by Emily Dickinson

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I succumbed...Bessie has joined our Meadowview Farm
livestock!  I looked at her on several other blogs, debating-
wasn't sure.  Then there she was for sale, at a reasonable
price.......and before I could debate it further, I pressed "buy"!

And she arrived, and I really rather love her.  She has now
joined a small herd of cows living in my kitchen.

Cows, goats & cats....I assume a chicken, horse or llama will
arrive next!  At least I do not have to feed or milk Bessie!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

next up

Valentine's Day is certainly on the top of my list of celebrations.
How can you not adore a day devoted to sweetness & kindness!

And who might that be next to my collection of boxes?
Little Ms Heart Day I would imagine!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

finding the right words

In 2014, my year was blessed by a gift I received just about 
every week...a handmade postcard from Nan.  As an artist,
Nan set a goal to create and send out a card each week.
From collage to stitchery to watercolor.....she designed & 

The cards were based on seasons, events, celebrations!

Whoever was on Nan's mailing list was in for some joy!!

Each card has been so special, both in the cover design 
and in the words on the stamp side.  Each card reminded 
me of the importance of words & sweet details.

Each week that a postcard arrived was met with surprise
and appreciation...."she thought of me....again!"

I am most certain my mail carrier came to wonder who 
Nan was and how she might get on this extraordinary
mailing list too!

These postcards will be paged through & looked at 
over & over.  They are intentional & meaningful!  They 
not only came from Nan's hand...but from her heart.

And just when I thought I received my favorite one...a new 
favorite one would arrive.

I find myself at some loss as to how to express my
appreciation to Nan.  So, I have decided to spread
her share her kindness.

Yes, kindness matters!

And so I will count my blessings...Nan, you are most
certainly one of them!

When the final postcard arrived in December, 2014...
I cried as I held it in my hands.  Tears of thanks 
sometimes takes the place of words.

Thank you dear Nan!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

she arrives

Welcome 2015!
    Fresh like a new snow...
    Filled with the gift of promise.

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