Saturday, October 30, 2010

We each have a story...

Sometimes when I walk about my house, I almost hear these quiet voices- 
each telling me their story.

The jar of marbles from games played behind Maywood School...
me with my pixie haircut & steelie in hand.

The sparkly "Dream" sign we hung on the mirror from
Dave's parent's home when we first began work on the farm...
reminding us that we could.

The original screen door from this 1857 farm --
now living in honorable retirement in our dining room. 

The Weebok shoes that Ian wore when he took to walking at 9 months in
our home in Sun Prairie.  A little guy with places to go.

The Hall Autumn Wheat custard above -- a set my mom earned one at a time
when the Jewel Tea man came to sit at her kitchen table in Monona.

And the little pumpkin in the photograph -- from my childhood. 
 A little lantern we would set on the picture window each autumn.

My mom helped me & my sisters to cherish what we had
and to celebrate each season, each special event.
So, I celebrate her too, each day, when I walk through
my home...a place she only knew about in our dreams... 
When we talked about what our farm might look like with a curtain
in the barn windows and daisy necklaces on every cow.

Even though I sang her a last good bye on Halloween some years ago,
her stories still quietly call me. 
She liked this time of year -- and loved everything about Halloween.

Happy Halloween...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pure Joy!

the wind blows too hard
there are too many piles on the desk
day light leaves too early
it feels too cold too soon
too much to do
and so with my back burdened with too little, too much, too many
I enter the barn...
they run to my feet

all they want is some milk, some food, some kindness

Pure Joy
With wild abandon they play
Pure Joy

I laugh & cry and feel too lucky


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Autumn

This year autumn in my home is orange, green, white & black...
It is little bowls filled with old dominoes & buttons.
It is vintage millinery on a cake pedestal. 

It is old Halloween Invitations (thanks Sarah).
It is newer folk artsy finds.

It is little pumpkins and little boxes.

It is Halloween "tricks" in the urn -- look at their grins.
It is Halloween treats for my Ian -- even if he is 22!
(A basket of orange & green & black & white for my boy.)

Sweet Autumn...

Monday, October 18, 2010

A bowl of bunnies...

This past weekend, Dave & I celebrated our 29th Anniversary
with a trip northward to our property in Winter. 

On our way, we had to follow the signs -- "Thrift Sale" beckoned!
At one stop, there were boxes at the road edge, unpriced.  
I picked the white rabbit above out of a box - held it up for a price -- "free".
I knew the rabbit was German made.

The sale was outside - and then continued into the house. 
A grandmother's estate...lots of dishes, grandson still unpacking.
We looked around, asking permission to move from room to room.
And there, on the top of a VERY full waste basket was the brown rabbit above.
Definitely a German candy container
(head comes off, candy would have gone inside).

Was the brown rabbit for the taking too? "Sure, just trash."

So -- they arrived home, marking our anniversary -- a mere 29 years
compared to their age of likely 100+ years. 
Yes -- these sweet rabbits were special -- and I happen to collect them. 
I admit to paying well over "free" for the others in my collection. 
And here they were, one in a free box, one in the trash.
Waiting, waiting - just for me.

"Value" --it is in the eye of the beholder.

Bunnies in a bowl -- priceless to me.

What is your favorite free find??

Friday, October 15, 2010

Switching gears!

If you follow my blog, or visit now & again...
you may notice a sort of "consistent discontent" in my ways.
I do like things organized, but I am not contrary to change.

I have been known to just switch it all about...
and love, love, love to rearrange, redisplay, and redo!

So, today brings a bit more of a "holiday to come" template....
and definitely a feeling of switching gears. 

I always feel in my antique business that I need to stay one season ahead. 
So -- I am now wrapping up "autumn" in the barn (to some extent)
and beginning to re-design with a sense of cranberry red, crisp white & shades of blue & green. 
Of course, I will also pay homage to Thanksgiving.

So -- on to the next Barn Sale:  "Does on the Go"!
Saturday (only) - November 20


See you there?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh my...

Meet the newest babies: 
Cinnamon, Chestnut & Marmalade
4 weeks old

Oh my...I am just not sure what to say. 
Aren't they just adorable?

**I still would love your comments on the Barn Sale (see post below)**

Monday, October 11, 2010

Feet up, time to reflect...

Picture me, sitting in that blue rocker from the "house that time forgot",
feet up & reflecting on such a perfect first annual Autumn Barn Sale.
Picture me, counting my blessings - one by one:
  • The most amazing fall weather!
  • Such wonderful, kindred spirits in all you folks that attended!
  • Great friends in Jani, Sarah & Nan -- helping, helping, helping! 
  • And, of course my family -- Dave on Saturday, Ian & Kara on Sunday!

 Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful memory!

Please see next Barn Sale dates to the right.

If you were there, please share your reflections or your favorite find....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Barn Sale 2010
October 9 & 10
(No Early Sales)

Meadowview Farm
Antiques & Vintage Finds
S13181 County Road R
Augusta, Wisconsin

Don't miss 20% Off Sunday!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gathering acorns...

I feel like this little squirrel, hopping thru the leaves and gathering.
Busy - Busy - Busy!
Singing to herself, "October 9th is coming -- hurry, get ready, gather, gather, gather."

Barn Sale -- Soon!

Click on tab to right for details...
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