Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

O.K. 'tis just a bit addictive ....But oh so fun!
Have you found your way to the magic of these inspiration boards on Pinterest?
Honestly --- for me, so much better then tearing pages out of magazines.

Here are some of my most recent wonderful finds....
from my Celebrate board.

Tonight I will work on three new boards:
Little Girl

I have already begun work on these inspiration boards (and more):
Study in Sepia
Window to my heart

and even a little sneak peak...
Sipping Tea - Spring Barn Sale

Find me by clicking on: Pinterest - Meadowview Farm

It is well worth a peak....

Monday, December 26, 2011


definition:  organizing by putting things in quite adorable containers.

I do this often, well, to be honest, very often.  I love vintage items that can hold stuff -- baskets, bowls, orphaned boxes & drawers.  They each offer the same important purpose, "hold my things". 

So - with no exception  --- Christmas is no more than "out the door on the way home" and here I go making a switch-a-roo on my little old blog.  Creating a new sweet holder for my words & pictures -- containerizing it. I do this with the seasons, sometimes with the change of the wind.  It is just what I am about and who I am...changing, ever changing -- and always finding a sweet holder to scoot my stuff into.  So, here I go again -- I can feel a new year approaching.  So, polka dots it is -- and two columns vs. three.  A new blog container.   Enjoy...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our wish

All is calm, All is bright…

Every now & again -- when the hurry up of life seems to take a toll -- I am reminded that we each have a silent night, holy night within our grasp.

On a recent morning, I found just that. It had snowed the night before, the first snow of the season, the special one, and I was anxious to greet it. Pulling on my boots, coat and mittens, I grabbed my little camera. There was no traffic, only light in the country was from the moon, our farm security light & the twinkle lights decorating several trees. It was so very quiet, I could hear the flap of wing over head. I walked through this fresh snow -- where no tracks had been, careful to disturb as little as I could -- to leave it calm, & pure for the moment. I captured that early untouched hour in my heart -- it would travel with me on busy days.

Often when Dave & I enter our barn at the first or last light of the day, we are greeted by this same pure joy -- it is found in the animals that call it home. It is found in the hundred year old hand hewn wood & beams so high they form a cathedral overhead. It is a sanctuary so exquisite & humble it can mend all hurt and take away that bustle that often fills us up. It is a place we relish and respect and love.

And home…our Meadowview Farm -- has offered such respite. I never understood that I was such a weary traveler until we found this place -- this place that called to us just as we must have called to her. This place that embraces us after a hard day of work and reminds us that we must celebrate and feed the soul & spirit.

So---what we wish for each of you is that you have a sanctuary in your life. Perhaps it is found in the hand of a child, in the knowing smile of an elder, in a kitten curled up in your lap or a dog at your side. Perhaps it is turning the door knob at the end of the day or a special quilt pulled up as you read. It is a place where all is calm, all is bright. It is yours - just yours for that moment, and it reminds you that all is indeed O.K.

We each need this, deserve this -- and sometimes have to find it, again. It is heavenly peace - right here on earth. And it is ours to have.

Blessings this holiday season,

Kari & Dave

Sunday, December 18, 2011

beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and our farm kitchen is ready for the holiday

A sweet little bear by the artist, Jennifer Murphy
(in a product line for Seasons of Cannon Falls)...
and bottle brush trees tucked here & there.
to find out more about the charming artists & midwest treasures,
Jennifer & her mom, Pat-
check out their blogs:

In my kitchen, Ironstone is the anchor -- with little nods to red & green added.
The little parade of sweet cups on the top shelf was this year's promise.
Each holds a little secret - an ornament, bottle brush tree, mini wreath.

as much as our living room is about "serene" - white, silver & gold....
our kitchen is about "joy" - color, color, color.
Even Dave adds his own take on Christmas...
hanging a vintage lure or two.

One of my favorite books for sweet, simple, easy-to-do decorating with what you have is:
 Merry & Bright *301 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas*
by Country Living magazine

I must also share my favorite holiday decorating books of ALL times:
Celebrating Home
Decorating for the Holidays and Seasons
by Seasons of Cannon Falls
**Watch for a special give-away of several copies of this book in 2012**

All for now, hope you are enjoying this count down week to Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Hurrah, for the Holidays"

I have this little book from many holidays ago...1915.
It is all sweetness - loved & worn.
The words, the pictures...of a Christmas story for a child.
It is simple, quite charming -- a celebration of Christmas in the woods.
The Bunnikins Bunnies Christmas Tree
by Edith B. Davidson  - 1915

Soon after, Paddy Tippity-Flippitt, Ruddy and Chippy Gray-Squirrel, and Frisky Bushy-Tail arrived, and then the great fun of trimming the Christmas Tree began, the children having been told that they could do it all themselves.  They had strung yards and yards of the snowiest popcorn, which they festooned all over the tree, and on all the branches they hung little yellow and green gourds, which glowed like tiny oranges.  Mr. Gray-Squirrel had gilded a basketful of walnuts and acorns for the tree, while Jack and Billy Beaver had shown the children how to make the prettiest birch-bark cornucopias.  These had been filled with tiny frosted cakes and delicious candy animals, made by that nice little mouse, Mrs. Poppetty-Poppett.

I am so drawn to vintage toys, sweet pictures,
charming nods to childhood.
That reminder of waking with anticipation on Christmas morning
when our only worry was how we would ever stay in bed but a minute more.

"Hurrah! for this Merry Christmas Day;
Hurrah! for our Christmas Tree;
May every one have a glad New Year
And be as happy as we."
Then they went in for supper,
Mrs. Bunnikins-Bunny had trimmed the table with holly and little red candles,
and never were there seen so many good things to eat.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

silver & gold

I am part of the "Rudolph generation"...growing up
nestled around the black & white t.v. with my sisters,
while Burl Ives shared,
"silver & gold, silver & gold - how can you measure it's worth?"

My answer now is "tarnished, please".
And in bowls, on trays, in jars....
old forgotten ornaments, vintage silver garland decorate my living room.

anchored with chippy white wood & Ironstone...

and little deer all in a row...

Oh, no -- feel another Burl Ives song coming on about the most famous reindeer of all.

What are your go-to colors for the holidays?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

special holiday sale

For your shopping pleasure (and as a thanks),
I am offering a 20% off sale in my booth AND case
at the Hixton Antique Mall
from December 10-31, 2011.

For the scoop on Hixton, click HERE


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stillwater, MN

Oh yes...we got away to one of our favorite holiday stops -- arriving just after breakfast and getting home well after supper.  To start my little story -- here is the best -- my sweet finds, the ones that will live with me.  I am so easily smitten, when this little mottled Japan made rabbit peaked out at me from the case at the first Antique Mall we visited, I hurried to the man with the keys and said, "let her out".  Combined with vintage tinsel garland and a yellowed with age glass star mold found on my day of gathering-- my twinkle has been tickled.

Now...with the bunny out of the bag,
Let me share our day.

Stillwater, Minnesota is a sweet vintage town set along the St. Croix River on the border of Wisconsin.  It is but an hour & a half drive from our home.  The downtown can be easily walked - even on that cold Friday (but must be said, Dave moved our car every now & again for easy loading of our treasures).  We always start our day at Midtown Antique Mall -- as the three floors require our full attention.  This is where my rabbit found me.  From here we traveled to American Gothic Antiques -- two floors, finding a few treasures, and enjoying the welcomed cup of coffee.  Next in line was Country Charm Antiques -- where I met a dealer with a booth I always enjoy (discovered she visits me in Hixton too)...adopted vintage garlands from her.  The final stop before lunch was at Rose Mille -- sweet sweet little gift shop -- which, to my amazement was moving & had a 30% off storewide sale -- quickly adopted the latest Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors book.  Then on the 5th stop, we at Leo's Grill & Malt Shop.  (For the sake of the story -- let's pretend that is Dave & I standing out is not - just two willing participants in our little story.)

Here we found the best onion rings, kitchen made kettle chips & malts around...
trust us, we tried them all.

Rebooted, we traveled down Main Street, ending our day
at the Staples Mill Antiques.  (Shops are generally open from 10-6 on weekends)...
so we stayed until almost the end, always respectful to check out well before the clock tolls closing.

And as we left town, who was on the corner?
As we drove by, of course I had to open my window to
greet Mr. Claus.....not to mention driving around the block
to greet him again.
(Dave is a good sport)

What a wonderful day -- highly recommended to boot your holiday mojo.
Fun shops, nice folks, pleasant way to spend a day...
on our list every year!

What holiday jaunts are on your to do list?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

holiday charm

I love little sweet Christmas details tucked into little spaces in my home --- and I spend a good day unpacking all my favorites.  I have become a bit more discerning over the years -- and generally now just use vintage decorations (I have also down-sized to just 4 Rubbermade containers -- smile).  In recent years, I have become especially fond of tarnished silvers & golds and faded red -- and always my go-to color - green.  Tinsel garlands, spools of holiday thread, little papered boxes, sweet little cards, Christmas ribbon and millinery will always come home with me.

 Of course, fabrics that make me swoon are tucked here & there

not to mention sweet little nods to Santa.

Now...speaking of Santa -- let me take a moment to share a little story about "holiday charm" - or rather, lack of it (this is the "you'd better be nice" stuff).  Recently, I stopped in what I always consider a fun little antiquing town in Minnesota (names will not be added to protect the innocent).  I had driven a bit to get there, so the first stop was a multidealer mall with a restroom in the basement.  As I entered, I checked in with the two older ladies sitting behind the counter, " are you two, your bathroom is in the basement - correct?".  One of the ladies lifted her painted-on eyebrow to reply (in a curt manner), "that is the employee bathroom.  But if you have used it before - go ahead."  O.K... but as I walked to the back of the building to access the stairs she yelled, "we like to have people buy something before they use the bathroom".  Hmmm -- so sometimes (not usually) I might let this go -- but come on, Santa Claus is coming to, once I came back up to first floor I went back up to the counter to ask what their mall discount policy is and identify that I am a dealer & tax exempt.  Then I stated quite clearly & concisely, "you know, a part of me would like to take my wallet and leave this mall right now -- as that was the rudest welcome.  I suspect that if I ever treated a customer like that at the mall I work at, I wouldn't work there anymore."  The lady apologized (sort of) and stated that so many people come in to just use the bathroom -- to which I responded that the 3 foot by 3 foot sign next the bathroom that states "restroom"  -- feels mighty public to me.  And, I followed up again that no one deserves a rude welcome in a place of business.  Later, as I checked out my almost $100 worth of purchases, she apologized again & again.  Fine, accepted --- but in the end, I would guess that she hadn't been reminded as of lately that rude is rude.   And, I suspect that she may not have had eyebrows left as she was sweating bullets when I left---which I felt kind of bad about, and kind of not -- see, I do believe that I will be the last rudely welcomed customer in a while........see, holiday charm shouldn't be relegated to shelves & table tops only.  As I left, I might have let out a tiny "ho, ho, ho" (thinking that I may indeed have earned me my own little lump of coal -- oh well.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

and she arrives...

welcome winter, we have been waiting

your beauty does take by breath away

And, as I walked thru fresh snow where no step had been
and, as I waited, but no sound stirred the air but the flap of a crow's wing...
contentment arrived for the day. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011


~I covet vintage ribbon ~

So, once upon a time - at an auction -
when I not only found the sweet wire basket above....
BUT all the vintage ribbon in the cast off pile,
I swooped in & gathered.
You will go home with me, I told each little strand I found.

Each little ribbon would be honored.
Each little ribbon had been picked to decorate a package from the past.
And then saved - to be used again.

No dumpster would do for these sweet memories.
A place on a little Meadowview Farm alter would be their destiny.

ribbon, vintage ribbon, makes me smile it does indeed

loved, lovely, cherished still

What reminds you of Christmas past?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

dreaming of a white Christmas...

And so it is, for the first time,
contrary to what I ever thought I would do...
I unveil a white tree.

antique ornaments
in silver, gold, pale shades of green & blue
vintage postcards
old upholstery webbing as a garland
even a house tucked in the branches
And under the tree...sweet white.

(and, this morning, a sprinkle of snow greeted us)

Are you trying something new in your holiday decorating?

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