Saturday, December 3, 2011


~I covet vintage ribbon ~

So, once upon a time - at an auction -
when I not only found the sweet wire basket above....
BUT all the vintage ribbon in the cast off pile,
I swooped in & gathered.
You will go home with me, I told each little strand I found.

Each little ribbon would be honored.
Each little ribbon had been picked to decorate a package from the past.
And then saved - to be used again.

No dumpster would do for these sweet memories.
A place on a little Meadowview Farm alter would be their destiny.

ribbon, vintage ribbon, makes me smile it does indeed

loved, lovely, cherished still

What reminds you of Christmas past?


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I feel like this little bird...finding all that "sparkles" to line my nest -- and, those items are often so humble: old used ribbon strands, tarnished garland from Christmas past, waxed Easter Grass....items that bring to me such a surge of memories.
sweet, simple, special

Diane said...

Old glass ornaments that show signs of being well loved and used. Bottle brush trees, little pixie elfs and mercury glass bead spears. The older Christmas decorations have much more warmth and charm to them than any new one or new "retro" look can ever have. Someone needs to save these little beauties. Why not us? Go ahead, take them home, they will repay you with years of smiles and enjoyment.

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