Friday, December 16, 2011

"Hurrah, for the Holidays"

I have this little book from many holidays ago...1915.
It is all sweetness - loved & worn.
The words, the pictures...of a Christmas story for a child.
It is simple, quite charming -- a celebration of Christmas in the woods.
The Bunnikins Bunnies Christmas Tree
by Edith B. Davidson  - 1915

Soon after, Paddy Tippity-Flippitt, Ruddy and Chippy Gray-Squirrel, and Frisky Bushy-Tail arrived, and then the great fun of trimming the Christmas Tree began, the children having been told that they could do it all themselves.  They had strung yards and yards of the snowiest popcorn, which they festooned all over the tree, and on all the branches they hung little yellow and green gourds, which glowed like tiny oranges.  Mr. Gray-Squirrel had gilded a basketful of walnuts and acorns for the tree, while Jack and Billy Beaver had shown the children how to make the prettiest birch-bark cornucopias.  These had been filled with tiny frosted cakes and delicious candy animals, made by that nice little mouse, Mrs. Poppetty-Poppett.

I am so drawn to vintage toys, sweet pictures,
charming nods to childhood.
That reminder of waking with anticipation on Christmas morning
when our only worry was how we would ever stay in bed but a minute more.

"Hurrah! for this Merry Christmas Day;
Hurrah! for our Christmas Tree;
May every one have a glad New Year
And be as happy as we."
Then they went in for supper,
Mrs. Bunnikins-Bunny had trimmed the table with holly and little red candles,
and never were there seen so many good things to eat.


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Cute. We have a mouse that got into our building at work, I think I will name it Mrs. Poppety-Poppett.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh do make me laugh.
And -- I am very thankful for that.

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