Saturday, August 7, 2010

corn & cows

For almost 50 years I had lived in a neighborhood. 
Grew up in Monona, Wisconsin...raised a family in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin -- both in a neighborhood with close, kind neighbors.
I was always used to looking out my window at a neighbor's home.

So, now it still takes me back when I look out my window at new sights:  corn & cows.  The cows are somewhat rare -- fields need to be harvested or low, and neighbor Tom's cows need to be in just the right part of the pasture.  But it has happened --- looked out the window, and there is a cow.

Meadowview Farm used to be a dairy farm...with about 25 cows. 
The stanchions still stand in the barn with the water cups at the ready. 

But now, the only cows in residence live on a shelf that looks out to the barn. 
A shelf created as an alter to the family that wakes at dawn & ends their day with a dairy herd.  

Cows & corn -- feels as if it has always been....  

Tell me about your favorite view.


Diane said...

Besides the view from my porch that I had mentioned in a prev. comment, I love the sight of my clothes line. Hanging heavy with a full load of freshly washed laundry. The clothes and towels pinned all in a row swaying slowly in the breeze. It isn't just mine but everyone that I passbye, that catches my eye. There's just something about that sight....

Jani said...

I've also mentioned my favorite place and view is from my screen porch before, but I've got to comment on Diane's comment. It brought back such memories of line hung wash. The smell of sunshine in the sheets and remembering hanging old sheets on the line to form a tent and playing in it all day in the summer. Wow! What a great childhhood memory. Nobody hangs laundry outside in town anymore. I think I was the last one. A truly lost art.

Diane said...

and Jani is there anything as nice as that smell when you are makeing the bed with sheets fresh from the line? You raise that sheet up and give it a snap to spread it out and ahhh, sweet summertime... no dryer sheet even comes close.

Jani said...

Oh yeah.... kids would love to "BOUNCE" and "SNUGGLE" on a "DOWNY" bed with sundrenched sheets! Oh dear... I think I took this a step too far.....

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I must say...just arrived home from working at the Hixton Antique Mall and arrived to a great "view" -- two blogger friends, Jani & Diane having a wonderful conversation. That made my day!!

I agree -- clothes on a line...such fond memories. I, too, made those tents, and think of my mom snapping the towels.


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