Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barn Sale Readiness Underway!

Yes, as described on this dial....the summer has been indeed "warm    hot    very hot"....
but perseverance always wins!
With sweat in our eyes, we hauled out over TEN 33-gallon bags of dirt from the haymow.  Now we are tweaking the space, still struck by the jaw-dropping beauty of this 100 year old beamed loft!

Arriving this morning was this beauty of a Monarch stove...will be "done up" in autumn majesty for the sale!

And here is a teaser from my Saturday buying trip of the smalls coming into the house for prep...
hmmm, what ever could be in those bags? 
All medium to large items go directly to the barn --
where two OVER-FLOWING barn stalls can't take in another item. 

Suddenly I can picture the hayloft awaiting the arrival of shoppers --
"Heartland Style" is the theme!!!

Words borrowed from the September, 2008 Country Home magazine:  "Fields and pastures of green and gold, weathered red barns, tilled brown soil, and clear blue skies make their way inside...It's all so accessible, yet here is artistry inherent in the everyday.  Just as regeneration comes each year to fields outside, materials in a heartland home find rebirth, living many lives and proudly wearing their patina of age."


Join us on Saturday & Sunday, October 9 & 10 from 9:00-5:00.

Click on the "Barn Sale" tab on the right for all the details.


Diane said...

your post at JunkMarket Style was just to cute. This will be sweet all pumpkin'd up.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Two more full 33-gallon bags of dust out the door this past Sunday. Certain I also had another bag full on me!


Kudzu said...

oh wow, i LOVE that stove!! i'd find some place for it,lol!

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