Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Happy August!

"Now every time I start to feel like that,
I roll my heart out like a welcome mat. 
Laugh when I feel like it.  Cry when I feel like it.  
That's just how my life is, that's how it goes." 
(Words from "Happy Girl" by Beth Nielsen Chapman)

So....honestly, between heat, humidity, "tired of yard work", bugs, and a groundhog that I do believe may be camping out under my back steps ------ August is not my favorite month of the year.

But -- I do need to recognize what I might own in this (and must also keep in mind February) -- so I mark this new month with change & an attempt at an attitude adjustment,  *And a new look to my blog!

So (happy sound in her voice):  "Welcome August!"

Tell me something wonderful! 


Jani said...

I love the new look! The green is gorgeous! Where did the sign in the porch window come from?! It's totally cool!

Artful Gathering said...

Kari, Your new look is awesome..
Very pleasing to the eye...
Have a super duper week!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Imagine that it's the end of February. You would give ANYTHING for a hot summer day in which you did not have to put on 28-pounds of winter gear to venture outside. TaDa! You have it! I suggest an inflatable kiddy pool placed in the middle of the yard to soak in. (I recommend this yet I have not done it yet myself - a confession). I have friends coming over Friday night for backyard cocktails. If it's a night where the air is stagnant we use an indoor oscillating fan on high setting blowing on us to keep the mosquitoes away and provide a little reprieve from the hot air. Add some good music and there ya go - a perfect way to celebrate that it's still summer.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Jani -- My sister, Randi, had the sign made for us. Also, I hope you are getting all the variation of colors on my new blog. Should be a different shade of green in the postings.

Dawn -- You were my inspiration to change up my blog. I visited yours this early a.m. and loved your pink and striped header and new look!

Cheryl -- Thanks for the "wonderful picture" you provided. I think the wading pool is a great idea -- am already enjoying the fan idea (actually we added one to the goat pen - hung from the rafters of the barn....yes, they are quite spoiled.)


Diane said...

Kari- love your new look. It is so bright, cheerful and refreshing and the extra little picture add just the right touch!

Nan said...

What a fresh new look for your wonderful blog! It so great that you respond to people's comments-I love my daily dose of Meadowview Farm.
My "something wonderful" is that we're leaving for Hawaii on Saturday for my son Dan's wedding! I'm finally going to get a daughter...

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Thanks, Diane for the compliment on the was fun to make the changes.

Nan -- I just love your "something wonderful"....Oh, congratulations to you all! Have such fun in Hawaii!

I must pass on credit to where credit is due...I am surely quoting Jani here with: "Tell me something wonderful!" I am certain I will use that line for a long time to come. Thanks, Jani!!


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