Sunday, January 29, 2012

just a little birthday wish...

I used to be the queen of birthdays...back in the old days, before email, before Facebook birthday reminders, before iPad calendar alerts. Every month I would ready cards to mail, wrap gifts, think about ways to recognize the day...certainly kept my local card shop in business. Just the other day I was getting my calendar all set for this new year, realizing that far fewer birthdays are there...not that any are less important, just somehow they got lost in life. So picture my hand held out with 365 for each day of the year. Please take one for your day...and know that it is special. And today I also offer out 24 birthday wishes for my son, whole world, it begins & ends with you. Happy Birthday my sweet boy. xxoo mom

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secrets of an old house....

I live in a very old house....and sometimes, I make the decision
that little "cosmetic fixes" are the best means to the end.
For instance
In this picture, there was a seam line between the lower
wall and the wallpaper - a chair rail wouldn't work.....
So -- hot glue gun and vintage lace to the rescue!

This will work until the day when we have a cash surplus and can
indeed redo the walls in an HGTV kind of way (insert "sure, when pigs fly" here)
until then,
 vintage lace it is.

works for me....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bakers Twine I could write an ode to Bakers Twine --
Lovely to look at...
sweet in just the right places

I have thought about owning a whole cone of this wonderful twine...
And now I do... 

Do you want some too?
I will have it for sale by the yard at the Spring Barn Sale...

Or if you want your own 2 pound cone...
order it here
($9.95 + $8.20 shipping)

I know, I know...I should set my "want" bar a bit higher.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I began this new year with my hope that this would be "the year" know, every day purposeful & intentional. And here it is, the 22nd day of 2012 --- and I struggle to build up the motivation to get up, attend to my list for the day...bills, vacuum, folding the clothes that I am spinning in the dryer for the third time. I feel guilt when any moment of a day feels wasted....but I am also learning that there are days when I will need to concede to being tired. Perhaps it is my new job with the challenges that that brings, perhaps it is the pace I run when I feel well, perhaps it is just the "too much" that catches up with us. I also wonder if I underestimated the power of that little deer tick bite from this past fall...and if I need to respect that Lyme Disease may just be chronic. I have been in contact as of late with the doctor's office, and discovered that the words, "profound fatigue" are in my little file. Not sure...but today I am worn...not worn out, just worn. If I respect & even revere this in my antiques....then I will need to also allow this for myself, too....not every day, not all the time....but for today. So, I will not feel any guilt for sitting in my robe, tucked inside my warm home today-with the world getting on quite well without me. Guess I need to hit the dryer button once again.

Friday, January 20, 2012


And winter is here...cold--shivering cold. We provide extra straw for our goats and a little space heater for our barn cats. We pull out our quilts, turn the heat up an extra degree or two, and lay low. Motivation goes into hibernation. Winter is here..and those in warmer places wonder why we live where we do...I wonder the same on days like this. I think of filling up our car with goats & cats and just driving until we feel the sun again. Picturing little goat heads hanging out the side windows of our red KIA will keep me warm tonight. How about you...warm or does January find you?

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Spring Barn Sale - countdown begins

We began what we shall call the "big gather" for the May Barn Sale this past is our pick by the numbers:

  • 1 -- first trailer full of finds arrives at the farm for the sale
  • 2 -- number of falls I took climbing snowy mounds to fill trailer
  • 3 -- bruises from above mentioned falls (smile)
  • 4 -- outbuildings we climbed thru to fill trailer
  • 5 -- hours spent on a chilly Saturday picking thru outbuildings
  • 6 -- number of bungee cords it took to secure our load of finds
  • 7 -- hours it took to thaw out after quest...jaw so frozen, couldn't talk
  • 8 -- at least that many very cool galvanized watering cans & pails found
  • 9 -- minimum times we stopped to pinch ourselves as we picked -- wow!
  • 10 - size of stack of old bikes I am sure I was standing on at one point
  • 11 - wooden tables, farm chairs, ice cream buckets AND letters found
  • 12 - May 12, 2012...Meadowview Farm Barn Sale door opens at 9:00
  • 13 - May 13, 2012...hayloft of our 100+ year old barn opens at 12:00

And the countdown does begin!

For all the details, click HERE

Friday, January 13, 2012

stack up

On my "I adore list" are vintage boxes.

Created with such detail...
from the outside covering to the inside lining
-- each with the sweetest clasp & hinges you might ever cross paths with.

This stack includes checkered, striped, and floral.

Precious floral boxes.

And here are my faded red velvet boxes...adorable!
These lay in wait for Valentine's Day.

When I find one, it comes home with me.

What is on your "must adopt" list?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Heart...

I just adore Valentine's Day....
I think it is my favorite of all celebrations --
 because it is just so simple, so sweet.

my decorations, too, are sweet & simple

little hearts tucked here & there

doves & sparkle

So, are you a  fan of this sweet day too?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The bear went over the mountain...

So - rumor has it that there lives a bear behind our farm......a real live, big old black bear.  By the neighbor's calculations -- a 500-600 pound bear!!  That's a big bear.

With the mild winter, the bear has been awake & rooting about.  With the lack of snow, it has also been crossing the road to drink from the creek across the way.  Rodney has seen it three times in December.

So, I think, what do I do if my path should cross with a big old bear.  Even though the facts note that black bear generally are people shy ---- the facts also state that one should climb a tree - a tall tree.  It also states to not try to out run a bear -- as they are faster than they appear. 

So, if anyone should happen by the farm and see a Kari on the roof of the barn -- do not question how I got there -- just know why I got there!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Construction Zone

I have been contemplating a bit of a new look to this little blog of mine...and have become very aware of my -- shall we say, lack of design ability. I have been trying out some differing templates & colors, but have not settled in yet to one I like. So please pardon my little mess --- will be "Under Construction" for a while.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And he arrives - 2012

The winds bring this new year to us...rolling in from the north with gusto. There is nothing gentle about this arrival, it is with a, "hold onto your hat, I'm here!". So, here we go - hang on, 2012 has arrived. Happy New Year!

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